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1969 Brabham BT-29 Truly Race Ready

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Serial Number: BT29-23
Frame Number: 23
Condition: Concours
Price:  US $100,000  Currency_Convert
Location: Mundelein, IL
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This is the only car in the nation that is truly race ready and also the most beautiful Formula 2 or as they call it these days, Formula B car out there. These were the cars every legend today started their F1 career. Nicky Lauda, James Hunt, and many more. I ended up with this car about 7 years ago, this car was owned and raced by gentleman drivers before me, so it has paper work history but no race result history before my time. When I decided to buy this car it was in bad shape, like most cars are. Many drivers who think of taking care of the car is just a few nuts, bolts, and powerwash! To truly understand how to prep a great car you have to start early in life and make many mistakes along the way, which I have done plenty. I have been extremely lucky to have many different mechanics and engineers to learn from, now being able to call them friends. The engine was blown up because of oil system failure and many over-revs by the previous owner. I hoped that the engine rebuild would be no big deal, finding out that I could only use the valve cover, water pump housing, carbs, and oil pan which needed welded. Even the head casting was so old that it became soft/porous that we could not repair it. So I ended up purchasing a new block, crank, rods, pistons....the whole works. Then I ended up buying the best Lotus Twin Cam head on the market. I got all the best parts no shortcuts and it paid off. Great power on the engine dyno, also went to the rolling dyno to tune the jets for awesome throttle response. The engine is amazing and most of all its all legal! First time on track at Autobahn in Joliet I learned that not only chassis, gearbox, and brakes need work but also the fuel and electrical need some fixing. So back to the shop, we totally rebuilt the gearbox, new Ring and Pinion, new differential, new forks, dogrings and gears. Along the way we discovered that the design of the gear fork shafts were mistakenly fabricated wrong, so we fixed them. We made new output flanges and installed new doughnut flanges for the half shafts. That lead us to uprights and brakes. I inspected the uprights, crack checked, repaired any threads, machined them to perfect tolerances and a good cleaning. New wheel bearings with new locknuts. Now seeing that the wheel bolts were made in 3 pieces and not friendly to replace, also finding out that many people have had failures with wheels coming loose. So I re-engineered them to keep the original look but much safer and better. We also ordered new magnesium wheel replicas because of original wheels no longer being available. So there are 3 sets of wheels. All perfect and new looking. Brakes; I found a place in England who makes new replicas and decided to order 4 new instead of rebuilding the old ones, made new brake rotor hats and installed new rotors. Removed all of the old brake lines and master cylinders to be replaced with all new. So at this point it is clear that we have new engine, new gearbox, fresh uprights with new parts, new wheels and all new braking setup. What is left, electrical, fuel, oil system, and cooling system. So I replaced battery, master switch, coil, distributor, and spark plug wires. Replaced fuel pump, fuel filter, pressure regulator, and fuel lines. Inspected the fuel cell and replaced the gasket. I removed the oil cooler because the races are short and to keep proper oil temperature you don't need to cool it. Made new oil lines. Onto the cooling system. It had a brass radiator so we replaced it with aluminum and some new lines, not many because the chassis tubes are used for coolant circulation. The chassis coolant tubes were cleaned and made sure there was no rust. Paint job was done by Ex-NewmanHaas IndyCar painter and it is beautiful, looks deep. Suspension is nickel chrome and the chassis is navy gray powder coat. I have only entered the car in Road America and Circuit of The Americas races it is Super Clean. -Total Miles from Complete Rebuild: 370 miles 595 km -All New Elite Twin Cam Engine -Freshly Rebuilt Hewland 5 speed Gearbox -Entire Brand New Brake System, not rebuilt all new 150 miles 241 km - Spares: Spare body, nose, gears (bought 10 sets new in 2015), mag wheels, (2 new sets in 2015), new upright, mechanical fuel injection, miscellaneous new hardware. If Interested Please Contact Me @ 847-902-0978 or tonis@toniskasemets.com



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Brabham Type Reference Formula B Listings Historic Formula Car Listings Brabham Listings

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