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2015 Factory Five GTM-R "Koni 16" Racer

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Serial Number: 0756
Condition: Excellent
Price:  US $134,000  Currency_Convert
Location: Glenside / Phila. PA
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NEW Factory Five 635 HP NA Gen II GTM Racer / Street Car w/ Mendy S5-B RR 5 Speed Sequential Transaxle The most Powerful, Sophisticated and Safest Track or Street NA GTM in the World !!! Two years ago I bought G.C.’s famous #16 Koni Red / White /Blue GTM to capitalize on the inherent qualities of the GTM and convert #16 into the best track GTM / car in the world. This is the same car that took Grand Champion at the 2012 SEMA Show and is the very same GTM that still is used at the FF website and sales materials. I didn’t want to use my shop time building the basic Gen II GTM – I wanted to get Watkins Glen ASAP – so I bought G.C’s car thinking that I could be flying up the Esses at the Glen in 12 months. Well it’s taken 24+ months – mostly because perfection takes a lot longer. At a curb weight of 2390 lbs. & 635 CHP that is 3.75 #/HP so I have renamed the car the GTM-R for Racing. The Gold Standard in the GTM Stable, the Thunder Hill racer is at 4.8 #/HP which is 30% more than this GTM-R. After I bought #16 and stripped it down to a bare chassis removing every component, system, hose, and inch of wire. I knew exactly what I wanted as an end result – and have achieved that and this GTM-R is an absolutely NEW CAR and is in Concourse D’ Elegance condition throughout. I - LS-2 Engine Rebuild & Blue Printing : Partial List 1 – GM Racing Performance ECU 2 – Ligenfelter Camshaft 3 – FAST Intake Manifold 4 – Clevite– Main Crank Bearings & Rod ends 5 - Hahle Hi-Performance connecting rod bearing sets 6 – Compstar Rods 7 – Callies Crankshaft 8 – CP Rings & Wrist Pins 9- Fel-Pro Head Gasket 10 – NEW Pfadt Engine Mounts 11 – LS1 ATI Harmonic Crank Damper Engine Dyno’s for testing and break-in. Chassis dyno’d 8 times for optimal sustainable tune. Max WHP 550 / 635 CHP & 500/575 Ft-lbs. torque. Dialed back to an initial conservative to 510 WHP & 475 torque on 93 pump gas. II – ADDITIONAL GTM-R FEATURES : 1 – NEW Mendeola S5-B RR Sequential 5 Speed Transmission w/ 4.11 final. Current Price $18 K and a notable delivery time since these are custom units. 2 – Kennedy Dual Disc Clutch 3 – IMI Large Pinion Hi-Torque Starter 4 – Mendeola 2 Lever Shifter – 1: Forward 1: Reverse 5 – Remark 2” dia. LED Gear Position Dash Readout 6 – ARE Stage III Dry Sump System w/ ARE 4 stage Scavenger pump, 3 gallon Sump and 100% Aeroquip Starlite hoses. ( $ 7 K ). 7 – Custom GTM-R Kooks Headers – w/ silver Jet Hot Ceramic Coated 8 – 100% completely new race grade Half Shafts from Mike Holland at My Race Shop, aka Crash & Thunder Hill GTM racer. Highest quality offered by Mike, and the inner CV bolts have been drilled and safety wired. 9 – RaceLogic Traction 4 wheel control system w/ Optional remote Digital Dash Adjuster and Programmer. 10 – The rear wing pylons have been mounted on a welded in place wing support structure supplied by Raptor, Inc. that transfer 100% of the down force to the chassis. 11 – 4 New SKF wheel Bearings w/ Speed Sensors & AC Delco leads for the RaceLogic system. 12 – Stock Vette calipers bench inspected & tested 6/2014. 13 – NEW Carbotec Pads front & rear 14 – NEW DBA slotted 4000 series Rotors Rear 15 – NEW 2 Piece Willwood Spec 37 Rotors for Front 16 – Koni 2- Way Adjustable 2812 Coil Overs – all rebuilt 3/2015. 17 – Custom FF GTM lower Rear Shock Mounting System from Ted Harrison at Quick Racing Products 18 – Car 100% professional rewired from splitter to exhaust tips with plenty of extra switches, dash, and under hood room for more items. 19 – Heavy duty REMOTE - 50 AMP Jump Start & Trickle charger connections so you don’t have to remove the nose fairing – and be late to the grid. 20 – Two (2) NEW sets of 18” Forgestar Wheels. 21 – Both sets of wheels mounted w/ Michelin Pro Series Slicks w/ very low mileage / lot of miles/seasons left on them. Front: 24/64-18’s & Rear: 30/68-18 – 12+” wide to take all that 60% rear weight w/o wheel spin. The GTM design is awesome in that it’s mid-engine for 30% of the weight in front of the rear axle – and the Mendy aft of the axels for the other 30% - Great Balance and handling. 22 -100% new Custom GTM Fuel System from Ted Harrison at Quick Racing Products w/ Bosch pump & Aeromotive filter & regulator & gauge. 23 – Aux. engine oil cooler in front above splitter. 24 – NEW Aluminum gas tanks w/ AN-22 cross over. New Mil Spec. Capacitance quantity probe matched to new Auto Meter dash fuel gauge. 25 – AIM Sports MXL PISTA Dash w/ 3 plug CAN Bus Interface – 8 MB Memory – Shift Lights – 8 Analog Inputs Rev. Limit – 6 Alarm Lights – New 3-2015 Laptop Software CD. 26 – NEW High Cranking amp-hr Odyssey battery 27 – MONO Halo wrap around Race Seat 28 - MONO detachable steering wheel 29 – Schroth 6 point quick release driver restraint system 30 – Cool Shirt System installed, included power, dash switch, dual insulated hose, tray, restraint strap. Cooler & power plug not included. 31 – Electric assist Power Steering w/ NEW Controller from Crash at My Race Shop. 32 – Dead Pedal & Custom rubber pads from Performance Pedals Co. for clutch, brake & gas pedals 34 – 2 Catch Cans # 1; for ARE Dry Sump Breather # 2 ; Overflow from coolant header tank both w/ easy access ball valve drains near rear wheel well. III – SAFETY ITEMS 1 – As delivered there was only modest impact protection for the driver or passenger. So, in this GTM-R there is a significant amount of steel that has been welded into place to make the sides – the strongest / safest area of the car. Between the rear bulkhead roll bar and the tube cluster forward of the door hinges a 2” dia. .060” wall DOM steel Primary Safety Frame that has been welded into place. Then a Side Impact Guard Rail of 1.5” dia. DOM steel frame has been locked and pinned into the Primary Safety Frame. Unassisted - the driver can easily install and remove this second piece. See pictures for details. 2 – Window Nets: The rear holes and seat belt type releases are welded into place at both window locations. The Side Impact Guard Rail comes right up to the top of the door it is a secure location to tie of any type of sanctioned window nets both windows. 3 – Additional welded in steel gussets or braces have been added at 14 different locations throughout the car to add more rigidity / safety to the frame. 4 – Micro-switch detectors & RED dash lights to confirm that all hood pins & Dzus fasters have been installed in both the nose fairing AND rear hatch. Aircraft type lamp with Push to Test fixtures to protect against a burnt out bulb. 5 – The expansion tank of the engine coolant system was in the front of the car and well below the highest point of the engine system, thus causing vapor lock for any expanded fluid. The GTM-R has a 2 Qt. expansion tank, w/ a 1” sight glass port, bolted to the firewall and well above the engine and w/ its own catch can. IV - DESIGN FEATURES : 1 – HEAT in the engine compartment was a big issue in my opinion. Thus many of the GTM-R design features were to improve cooling throughout the engine compartment: 2 – The hinged rear glass deck has been replaced with a Lexan removable panel w/ 18 – 4” cooling holes & secured w/ 4 quick pins. Light weight and a 1 man operation to install & remove. 3 – Removed the passenger seat and added a service panel in the seat back area for mounting the Engine ECU, the RaceLogic main computer, and main engine Relay/Fuse Block which had to be replaced since it was already melted in the old location. 4 – NACA type cooling ducts directly into engine compartment replacing the L & R blacked out ¼ panel windows. 5 – The entire fiberglass nose fairing was rebuilt. The former wheel well vent & radiator exhaust louvers were overlaid on body shell and riveted in place. All 4 of these vents assemblies have been installed flush and seamlessly, and the nose reinforced in certain areas – then totally hand worked, painted to match and finished. 6 - New Koni7 and # 16 vinyl graphics are already made & included. The existing graphics can be removed or supplemented to create a partnership with a charitable organization like The Wounded Warrior Project. 7 – Entire car & all systems have been designed for single person track day events – do NOT need crew or helpers to make your day at Calabogie, the Glen or Thunder Hill. 8 – Air Intake ; 16” X 3” air scoop incorporated into rear Lexan panel and directly fitted/gasketed to massive air intake box fitted w/ K&N filter for 100% cool air intake w/ bonus of a few inches of boost. 9 – The rear chassis has been supplemented with many additional pieces and features, w/o a weight penalty, that allows the Trans or engine to be removed without removing both. The Trans can slide 9” aft to unmated from engine w/o having to deal w/ frame interference. 10 – To become street legal in any state: A - Add back in windshield wiper motor and arm. Space, access, wiring, switch, and bolts in place @ “30 min job.” B – Add horn & button@ “60 min job.” 11 – A street passenger seat can be added; Remove cool shirt tray – plenty of space in front of the electric mounting panel ( # 2B above & see photos ) and all the original leg room exists. 12– 100% of the roof scoop air is for cockpit ventilation. V - EXTRAS: A – Complete 36 piece Suspension Alignment Shim set from Mike Holland at My Race Shop, aka Crash & Thunder Hill GTM racer. B – New front lower Carbon Fiber Chin Splitter C – Custom Built Dolly for VERTICAL Storage of Nose Fairing – more usable shop space – less damage to fairing. D – Custom Die Cut Koni 7 & # 16 Vinyl graphics for nose fairing – as seen in FF photos. D1 – NEW – Mint Condition 5 Volume set of real GM Corvette Shop Manuals covering the respective years for ALL Engine and Body parts. D2 – 10 piece – 20 Lineal Feet of Delran rub rails for bottom protection of 1” X 1 “ chassis members. Previous installed by GC, so all holes in Delran and steel tubes are drilled for existing self-tapping bolts – 30 mines. Install. E - Track Tool Box Includes : 1 - Spanner wrench for Koni shock perch adjustment. 2 - 2 Custom rain covers to cover the cockpit w/o side windows. 30 second install. 3 - New K&N 2 part Filter Cleaner Kit 4 - 2 spare spacers for front wheels 5 - Assorted spare hood pins and scuff guards 6 - Spare NEW Trans breather element 7 - Spare NEW Engine Air Box K&N air filter 8 - New Spare Coolant tank cap 9 - 10 NEW Spare Gorilla steel racer wheel lug nuts and wrench 10 - NEW 50 AMP adapter for Jump Start w/o removing nose fairing F – Custom Die Cut Koni 7 & # 16 Vinyl graphics for nose fairing – as seen in FF photos. G– Battery Tender Trickle Charger System. H – NEW CUSTOM top of the line Superweave Premium Exterior California Car Cover – designed to accept taller rear wing. I – 20 #’s of documentation – organized in folders incl. electrical schematics. J – Carbon Fiber panels for Dash & Center Console. K – 12 volt power on a 4’ whip run to passenger foot well for a data Acquisition system etc. L – Arrangements for delivery in the lower 48 in an enclosed car trailer by the seller are available. Car Located NW of Phila. PA M – 10: 5 Qt. jugs of Mobil 1 Motor Oil – New & sealed condition.

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