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1969 ALFA Romeo GT Junior

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Serial Number: AR1226439
Engine Number: Multiple
Logbook: CVAR
Condition: Excellent
Price:  US $73,500  Currency_Convert
Location: Conway, AR, USA
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1) Raced since at least 1990. Original race car build by Brooks in Florida. Later chassis prep by Orion (Neb). 2) Originally a European or Canadian car as the GT Juniors were not US imports. 2) 71 year old current owner who has owned and raced the car since 1997. 3) I purchased it from Robert Pass (Owner of Passport Transportation). Robert owned and raced car before me. 4) OEM engine was a 1300 cc and it was a steel bodied car. 5) Most of the last 22 years it has been raced with a 1300 cc engine. For 2015 through 2017 it was raced with a 1600 cc engine. The 1300 cc engine was rebuilt in 2018 and has been reinstalled and was run at COTA in November of 2018 as a test run back to 1300. Both engines are included with the car. With the 1300 cc engine the car has been run as a C Sedan car and with the 1600 cc engine it has been run as either a B Sedan or E Production car depending on the race sponsor’s rules. a) 1300 cc engine: + Build specs from Builder (Shadetree Enginetrics, Robert Rodgers, proprietor). + Hard chrome crank + Bevel cut head to gain compression (13-1); Spesso head gasket + Venolia Pistons and biggest valves that will fit + Carillo Rods + 45 mm DCOE Weber Carbs + 140 HP, Dyno b) 1600 cc Engine: +Build Specs from Builder (Shadetree Enginetrics (Robert Rodgers, proprietor) + Billet Steel crank (John Norman) + Bevel cut head to gain Compression (13-1); Spesso head gasket + Venolia pistons and biggest valves that will fit + Carillo Rods + 45 mm DCOE Weber Carbs + 167 HP, Dyno (the 1600 was refreshed after 2018 season and has been pickled and turned over by hand each month ever since) 6) Gearbox is 5 speed OEM with O.S. Guiken gears and syncros sourced from Spruell. 7) Hi-Spec 6-pot front discs (Alfaholics); Late spec ATE (70’s) rear discs 8) Chevrolet small bloc aluminum radiator (1600 cc engine is too hot for OEM radiator) 9) Two oil coolers are used (again because of the 1600), Sourced from Pegasus. 10) Electric fan (front mounted and switched to dash). 11) Electric water pump (sized for use up to a 5.4 Liter V8) sourced from Pegasus. 12) Rear mounted front sway bars (Orion Engineering). 13) Koni Yellow adjustable Shocks. 14) Accu-sump, installed, sourced from Pegasus) 15) One set of Alfaholics 15 “ extra lite aluminum race wheels in the pattern of OEM 70’s AR wheels, which were in steel. The design was one of the Campagnolo classics. GT Juniors wore 15 “ wheels from the factory so this is a legal size regardless of class or race sponsor). Race sponsors do control brand and type of tire however and because of this a second set of race wheels is included. These are 14 “ Panasport wheels. These have been used for SVRA races as SVRA won’t allow the best modern radials but will allow Hoosier TDs. The 15 “ TDs will not fit in the wheel wells however so I backed up to 14 “wheels. (It’s always something!) 16) Body panels were replaced in 2010 after the car was wrecked at the last race of the 2009 CVAR race season. A front clip was going to be necessary because of front end damage so I took the opportunity to source aluminum panels from Alfaholics and a few other pieces from other sources: + Front nose - Aluminum + Front fenders - Aluminum + Rear fenders - Aluminum + Rear Panels - Aluminum + Rear deck lid - Aluminum + Rear fender arches - Fiberglass (Correct fender copies of late 60’s period Autodelta race cars) These were done by Brooks in Florida when car was first race prepared. + Hood - Fiberglass + Doors - Fi9berglass + Roof - Steel (this is all that is left of the OEM steel body) + Side windows, Aluminum frames with Lexan panels (Shadetree Enginetrics) + Windscreen and rear window - Lexan (Orion Engineering) with safety clamps (Orion). + Engine bay framing was re-done in heavy Aluminum while tube frame pieces in rear of car are steel. All body work was carried out in 2010 by the Best Little Body Shop in Texas, (Brad Shutt, proprietor). Brad did a wonderful job blending Aluminum, fiberglass and steel. He did the research on how to isolate the steel from the aluminum to prevent bimetallic corrosion. He used an insulating layer between the two. Some of the rivet heads he used are visible between the fenders and the fender inner wells when the hood is propped. He also did a slap up job with rich rossa paint when final painting was done. It was nice enough in fact that the car won the Grapevine Italian Car Show, “Best in Show”, in 2014, four years after its restoration. 17) The front of the Junior was covered at restoration time with a plastic film and has largely kept the beat-up of rocks and tire bits from talking the front paint off of the car. 18) All decals and badges (both in and outside of the car) were sourced to replicate the late 60’s / early 70’s racing livery for these cars. 19) Braille Lithium/ion battery mounted in the boot. Very lightweight but requires special charger (included). Because there is no alternator or generator, recharge is necessary between all sessions. 20) Custom built aluminum box to hold five gallon fuel cell. (Shadetree fabrication) 21) Recently serviced and tested Fire System. 22) Rubber driveline donut has been replaced with Fiat type drive shaft coupling to obviate flex donut disasters. 23) Race seat is OMP carbon fiber ultra lite seat. 24) Wink interior mirror; 2 Sebring mirrors painted and mounted as period race cars had. 25) Tilton Clutch. 26) Brake balance bar (Tilton) with dash adjustment knobs. 27) New six point safety harness. 28) Alfaholics lightened trailing arms. 29) Alfaholics aluminum hubs. 30) Locked rear end. 5.12 gear. 31) External Kill switch. 32) Lightened GTA grill and door handles. 33) Bumpers and headlights removed. 34) Headlight(RH) port to Weber carb throats channeled as shown via aluminum panels over the carbs (see photo). 35) Headlight(LH) port to secondary oil cooler. 36) Canon cartridge racing filter. 37) Overflow tanks for oil and water under hood. 38) Late 60’s style front side marker lights (appearance only, not hooked to electricity) 39) 1 2 3 Distributor 40) Holley Fuel pump. 41) Gear reduction starter. The Car is race ready.


Race History: (as far as I know it) 1) The car was raced at Road Atlanta in 1997. 2) In the first years I raced the car there was no C Sedan category in CVAR so it was placed in F Production. This class was then and continues to be to this day, one of the faster classes of production cars in CVAR. This despite its being a class of tiny cars with tiny engines. The best I had was Third place in F Production in 1999. Both F Production and later C Sedan were and still are run in CVAR Group 2. This group over the years this car has been run has variously included: D Production; E Production; F Production; G Production; H Production; B Sedan; C Sedan; and D Sedan. Unless things are changed for 2019, it is EP; FP; CS: AND DS. 3) In 2004 CVAR started a C Sedan Class. This car won 1st place in 2004 - 2009. It was not raced in 2010. It then won 1st place in 2011 - 2014. 4) In February of 2009 the car set a then, C Sedan track record at Texas World Speedway on the 2.9 mile road course of 2:05:651. 5) In June of 2014 the car was run at the Inaugural Brickyard Invitational. Despite a broken header primary it ran well. After the three year 1600 cc period, the car was returned to 1300 cc CS configuration and won a silver medal at COTA in November of 2018. 6) 2015 - 2018 were 1600 cc engine years and the car was still in shake down in 2015 and 2016. It was run in this configuration at COTA in 2015 and despite overheating, it did not break. In 2016 it was run at NOLA in October and gathered two silver medals. Late 2018, the 1600 was pickled and the 1300 was reinstalled. 7) Best times by track: (Verifiable at MyLaps.com) a) Texas World Speedway - 2:05:651 b) Eagles Canyon Raceway - 2:15:326 c) Hallett Racing Circuit - 1:34:175 d) NOLA (New Orleans) - 2:10.998 e) COTA (F1 Course) - 3:02.103 f) INDY (F1 course) - 2:03.642

Recent Competition History

CVAR C Sedan Chanpion for ten years

Performance Data


Fuel System

Oil/Water System

Electrical System


Rear End





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