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1974 Lola T324 "E Z Wider Rolling Papers" SOLD

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Serial Number: HU54
Frame Number: HU54
Logbook: SCCA
Condition: Very Good
Price:  US $16,500/OBO  Currency_Convert
Location: Cranberry Twp, PA 16066

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1974 Lola T324 Chassis HU54 - Former E-Z Wider sponsored/ Wilbur This race car has been modified a great from it’s original for in 1974/1975 having had the following modifications made: * Pauter 2.0L Volkswagen motor - purportedly producing up to 225hp although I have NOT had it dyno’d. * Fiberglass side pods * Significant chassis re-enforcement * New front nose and supporting nose cone structure * Powder coated ATS wheels * Advanced electronic and ignition system Lola HU54 sat in storage for many years with VERY few miles on the Pauter motor (to the extent that the break in oil is still in it). Lola HU54 emerged from storage November 2010 when I purchased it and brought it home to Cranberry Twp. where it resides today. In addition to what is stated above in the way of upgrades, the rest of the car is complete and running in good form. It sports a Hewland Mk 9 transmission and up until Monday, September 26, 2011 had brand new Hoosier tires on it! That said, I took her out for a spin at BeaveRun Raceway. I was able to put on a set of scuffs for the front, I was not able to accomplish this for the rear, so there is a set of NEW Hoosier rubber that are mounted on the freshly powder coated wheels that will be on the car at sale and on the rear, there are 25 (or so) laps on the rubber on the rear. Other notable items: * The Pauter motor sports 48mm Weber carbs which I don’t believe is legal for vintage racing. * I have NOT disassembled the Mk 9 transmission, so I do not know what gears are in it. That said, the gearing got me around the track on the 26th with times I have never run before. - 1st gear seemed REALLY tall as it required lots of revs to get it to grab - 2nd gear was close in length to 1st, and around turn 10 at BRR it made no difference if I was in 2nd or 1st in this (traditionally) 1st gear corner. - both 3rd and 4th gear seemed comfortable for front and back stretch running and I might suggest that these gears are the same as in my other SV - 24/28 for 3rd, and 25/27 for 4th. That said, I am guessing based on comparison, the buyer WILL need to take apart the rear section to find out what is really in there. There is an oil leak out the what would be the drivers side of the motor. I have not been able to locate and will likely not prior to sale. Know that it is there and likely an easy fix, I am simply out of time to dig into it. This car ran very well for me on test day, starting up every time it was asked to, although we could not get it to comfortably idle at 1200 rpm’s without healing and toeing (but heck, it’s a race motor!). That said, times were consistent with each “out” and improved with each session as follows: Session 1 (4 laps timed) Lap 1 - 1:23 Lap 2 - 1:21 Lap 3 - 1:20 Lap 4 - 1:21 Session 2 (5 laps timed) Lap 1 - 1:18 Lap 2 - 1:19 Lap 3 - 1:19 Lap 4 - 1:19 Lap 5 - 1:16 Session 3 (6 laps timed) Lap 1 - 1:18 Lap 2 - 1:18 Lap 3 - 1:18 Lap 4 - 1:17 Lap 5 - 1:15 Lap 6 - 1:17 DISCLAIMER - I AM A NOVICE DRIVER WITH THE VRG THIS YEAR! Track record in this type of car at BeaveRun is typically in the :59 to 1:01 range. I would expect that this car COULD do that, but I am to “green” and still learning the “limit” with respect to the tires, down force from the wings, and the gearing in the MK9 is all wrong for the track. There are SOME SPARE/EXTRA PARTS!!! Please email for a detailed listing as I have sold SOME of the chassis parts, but have also retained some as well . The reason I am selling the car is simply because I have another one, that although it’s a bit of a “bastard” it is a car I know MUCH better, have owned previously and am more comfortable with it. Nothing more, nothing less....should you have any questions, please email. With respect to delivery, plan to take delivery of this vehicle at my house in Cranberry Twp, Pennsylvania.


Bunce Engineering Formula Super Vee (piloted by Howdy Holmes) to a 5th place finish points finish in the 1974 season and 3rd place in the 1975 Bosch Gold Cup Series. Lola HU54 is documented as the Howdy Holmes piloted car as campaigned in the 70’s until Howdy matriculated to Indy Cars driving the Jiffy sponsored car. Included with the car is the original main body and tail section sporting the “3” in the E-Z Wider colors. Furthermore, the car comes complete with a letter from Howdy authenticating this car as such. I have personally spoken with Howdy and Wilbur about this car and Howdy was good enough to dig into his archives and send me pictures from both the ’74 season when it was in yellow and green as well as from the ’75 season when it sported it’s newly sponsored red. Additionally, ALL SCCA log books dating back to when the car started it’s life are in my possession and included in your purchase. IF YOU GOOGLE HOWDY HOLMES, YOU WILL FIND THAT HIS 1975 SEASON IS WELL DOCUMENTED WITH THIS CAR!

Recent Competition History

3rd Place overall points scoring car in 1975 Bosch Gold Cup Series

Performance Data


Fuel System

Oil/Water System

Electrical System






Lola Type Reference Formula Super Vee   Historic Formula Car Listings Lola Listings

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