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1969 Lotus Type 51C Formula Ford Exclusive SOLD

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Serial Number: 51C/FF/196
Frame Number: AM 192
Logbooks: none
Condition: complete, disassembled for restoration, underway
Price: $12,900 USD
Location: near Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
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This was a complete, running car with a different engine fitted when acquired. It was completely disassembled for restoration and much of the restoration work has been done. The car is a shop project for Bill Dolson Racing, who took it on because it needed significant chassis work. The car would be delivered with the chassis completely restored and ready for painting. All of the sub-asseemblies have been taken apart, cleaned and much of the refinishing work has been completed. The suspension components need chroming (they never were chromed, being in the original cad). The gearbox is completely disassembled and ready for assembly with new bearings and any other parts needing replacement already procured. An uprated engine core goes with the car including a 711 block and head, rods, valve gear, a pump and a pan as well as a Holbay rocker ccover. The Lotus adapter is also with the car as well as a correct original exhaust. It is as close to a Lotus 51 kit as you can get. The hard stuff is done and somebody just needs to finish it. If nobody buys it we'll eventually get around to finishing it ourselves but there are number of projects in line in front of it, hence, it is offered for sale as is. If there's something that you'd rather not tackle (gearbox?) talk to us and we'll give you a price that includes that work.

Detailed documentation accompanies the car to assist in the restoration including the original Lotus Components detailed parts list for the car (20+ pages) and original spec sheets and sales literature as well as a wealth of historical information.


The car was purchased in Indianapolis, Indiana, as a complete roller. It had been a Shriner parade car (the Shriner parade is a local event in support of the Indianapolis 500) and had been converted to an air-cooled VW (yes, that's right!) and was running wide Atlantic wheels and tires. (I wish I could find the photo of the car when I got it). Aside from some serious buggery to the chassis the car was in remarkably good condition. The corner parts and all other proprietary parts were present and in good condition. Little history is known although the body carries an older SCCA sticker.

Recent Competition History

Shriner parade, Indy


Fuel System

Oil/Water System

Electrical System


Final Drive





Lotus Type Reference Formula Ford Listings Historic Formula Car Listings Lotus Listings

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