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1970 Lotus Type 61M Formula Ford Exclusive SOLD

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Serial Number: 61MxF3/107
Frame Number: 61-110
Logbooks: none, SCCA rollover bar stamping 10-282
Condition: disassembled project, restored chassis
Price: $6900 USD
Location: near Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
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This is a shop project car for Bill Dolson Racing. We acquired the chassis and just a few suspension parts in Michigan in the early 90s as part of a multi-car deal. We have slowly been accumulating the bits needed to build up the car and it is about 70% complete. There is an engine core with the original Holbay pump and pan and the beginnings of a gearbox. A lot of corner parts have been located and it also has steering, brakes, and a new nose. Note many of the parts are not shown in the photos. Also remember every part needed to complete the car can be bought just about off the shelf from Peter Denty Racing in the UK and also many parts are available from the Lotus 23 Users Group and Don Shaefer. We will supply the car with a completely restored chassis and new rollover bar (the existing one is too low) or, if you fancy chassis work you can do it and we'll come down on the price.

We have assembled extensive original Lotus documentation on this type including an exhaustive 20 page parts list and the original chassis drawings. Copies of these documents will accompany the car and will prove a valuable resource in completing the restoration.


From the Lotus sales records the car originally came off the line on 12/5/69 as a "USA full build" car with blue bodywork and Holbay engine number 220 with a Weber, Hewland Mk6 number 973, the standard 4-1/2 J wheels and a long range fuel tank. The car was not sold that year and was subsequently reworked as 61Mx-F2-107, this time with a yellow body, the same Holbay and gearbox, a green screen, and the note "tires to be changed by Dunlop, 155 Dunlops, new brake setup" It came off the line for the second time on 21-2-71 and is shown as being sold to the Canadian importer, W. "Bill" Brack. We called Bill but he remembers nothing particular about the car, it being one of perhaps a dozen which he sold.

The car was homologated with the SCCA and issued a logbook, this being determined from a rollover bar stamping "10 282". The first number is the SCCA region number, and we contacted the Detroit region who still had their logbook records. They recorded the logbook as being issued to a John "Pat" McGonagle in May of 1972. They had no additional information and we were never able to locate this McGonagle or anyone who knew him in the Detroit region. He may have been a Canadian national, as cross-border reciprocity existed between the SCCA and the Canadian ASN but SCCA logbooks were required for visiting cars. We never really followed this up on the Canadian side of the border.

The most recent owner we know of was Jim Vollmers of Detroit. He bought the car from a John Zoran, nicknamed "the Bear" who specialized in Club Fords, with Lotus being a specialty. He bought and sold old Formula Fords and did prep work. He had apparently bought it as a running car but had gradually canabalized it to keep other Lotus Formula Fords in the area running after Lotus Components was shut down and parts became difficult to obtain.

Recent Competition History



Fuel System

Oil/Water System

Electrical System


Final Drive





Lotus Type Reference Formula Ford Listings Historic Formula Car Listings Lotus Listings

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