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1966 Lotus Type 31 Formula Ford Exclusive SOLD

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Serial Number: 31-R-3
Logbooks: SVRA
Condition: excellent
Price: $29,500 $25,000 U.S.
Location: Northeastern U.S.
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The Lotus 31 is the rarest of the Lotus Formula Fords. Only a dozen cars were originally built as school cars for the English Jim Russell Racing Drivers School at Snetterton. When Formula Ford was first concieved these cars were the first to be converted to the formula and comprised the bulk of the grid for the first ever Formula Ford race. This car is one of a handful of precursers to the most successful race car formula ever. This car was completely restored last year and no effort was spared in its reconstruction. It has the best of everything including a 1 race old Farley uprated.


The Lotus type 31 was intended as the 1965 successor to the Type 22 Formula 3. Sales brochures announced the new type but no one bothered to tell the assembly line and the new F3 cars for that year bore Type 22 continuation numbers. In 1966 cars actually badged as Type 31s emerged from Lotus Components, but not in F3 specification but rather as Jim Russell Racing School cars with 1500cc. non-crossflows, in a fairly mild state of tune (probably Lotus 7 series 2 engines). Some of these cars were cobbled up to look like Ferraris, Coopers, and other F1 cars for the movie "Grand Prix". Several were crashed for scenes in the film. This particular car survived this fate and was among the first group of ten or so cars converted to the new for 1967 Formula Ford, using the 1500 non-crossflow but with standard Cortina cam and induction. The 1500s were almost immediately replaced with 1600 crossflows from the Cortina GT, the standard powerplant still in use today. (The 1972 uprated version is now more common however).

This particular car was sold off when the school moved to more modern Van Diemens in the early 70s. It was dusted off for Historic racing in the early 80s, still in England, and made it over to the U.S. in 1992. It is one of only 4 or 5 known survivors, makeing it easily the rarest Lotus Formula Ford.

Recent Competition History

SVRA Mid Ohio '97, Jefferson 500 '97


Fuel System

Oil/Water System

Electrical System


Final Drive





Lotus Type Reference Formula Ford Listings Historic Formula Car Listings Lotus Listings

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