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1971 Lotus Type 69 Formula Ford Exclusive SOLD

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Serial Number: 7169/17FF
Frame Number: AM 51
Logbooks: SVRA
Condition: excellent
Price: $36,000. U.S.
Location: Our shop, New Jersey, USA
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This Lotus 69 probably has the best competition record of any historic Formula Ford in the U.S. Driven by IMSA driver John Fergus it has consistently been one of the cars contesting the lead, invariably with victorious results. The combination of driver and car has been unbeatable but the Lotus 69 is something of a legend in it's own right. Based on the successful 1969 and 70 F3 and F2 chassis it was reluctantly produced by Lotus Components after type 51 and 61 sales began to lag. It immediately established itself as the dominant chassis of 1971 and no sooner than it's superiority was established Lotus decided to leave the customer race car business in mid season for a variety of reasons unrelated to the car. The U.S. Lotus importer and racer Fred Stevenson campaigned a type 69FF in 1971 and won ten of ten National races, setting five lap records in the process. He failed to win the Runoffs only because of engine problems. In mid year Lotus precipitously withdrew from the market as the result of internal squabbles and left Fred with 17 unfilled orders for Lotus 69 Formula Fords. For pre-72 Historic Formula Ford it is certainly the "killer car". It's desirability from a performance perspective is further enhanced by the limited production figure of around 20 cars.

This car was restored by Bruce Miller of BRM in the early 90s who owned the car in period. The restoration is completely correct from an originality standpoint save for some additional brightwork and polishing. In the compulsory BRG with yellow stripe and red steering wheel is one the finest examples extent of the final Lotus customer race car model.


The car is one of a handful of Lotus 69 Formula Fords which made it to the US prior to Lotus Components shutting their doors. Such was the demand for these cars in the early 70's in the US that type 69 F3 cars were imported and converted to Formula Ford spec. The car was built as a Formula Ford and originally had orange bodywork. Build for the US market, the Lotus sales records indicate it was shipped to an "R.P.M.M." This particular car spent it's early career in the US Northest. It held the Formula Ford lap record at Bridgehampton from 1972 thru 1975. The car was owned in the mid seventies by Bruce Miller who then restored it for John Fergus 15 years later.

Recent Competition History

This car must have one of the highest percentages of wins of any Historic Formula Ford in the US and perhaps anywhere.



Final Drive




Lotus Type Reference Formula Ford Listings Historic Formula Car Listings Lotus Listings

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