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1971 Lotus Type 69 Formula Ford Exclusive SOLD

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Serial Number: 7169/13/FF (the number plate is missing but the number has been verified from the Lotus sales records)
Frame Number: AM 73 2
Logbooks: none
Condition: under restoration
Price: $20,000 $14,995 USD
Location: near Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA
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This example of the most desirable historic Formula Ford has a great history, well documented below, and is well along in a professional restoration. Much of the really difficult work has been completed including chassis repairs which have returned the frame to as-new condition. The frame is painted and all of the aluminum skins have been cut, with the riveted and bonded bellypan and front bulkhead panels in place. All of the parts have been inventoried, cleaned and crack checked, and replated. This work has been conducted using the original lotus drawings and parts list. A comprehensive lists of parts remaining to be sourced is available. The gearbox has been completely rebuild by PDS in England and is ready to install. The brake system, corners, and steering are ready for assembly. A complete, disassembled Uprated engine less carb and manifold accompanies the car as does a Loyning-prepared head, carb, and manifold. Bodywork is complete less screen, the cowling being used but the nose new. The car has the correct Lotus Cortina steel wheels.

We would be happy to present an estimate for completing the car to your specifications.

Note that there are additional components with the car which are not shown in the photographs, most notably, the rear uprights and wheels.


The 1971 Lotus Type 69 Formula Ford was built around what was effectively the Formula II/B spaceframe in response to sales agent's needs for something more potent than the obsolete Type 61. The resulting car had several more inches of track then the nearest competitor, a highly sturdy and stiff spaceframe designed for the rigors of Formula II, and the good graces of a design that had been consistently Works developed for 3 years. Were it not for the precipitous decision by Lotus to abandon customer race car production in mid seasion, the Type 69 Formula Ford would have swept all before it. The sole US works car, driven by Fred Stevenson, won 10 of 10 Nationals, collecting 8 poles and 5 lap records in the process, but sadly DNFed at the Runoffs when the only good engine went away. Fred, who was the Lotus race car importer for the US, had received 17 deposits on new Type 69FFs when it was announced that no more would be produced. Total production stopped at something around 20 cars, counting some works-built 59 F3s done to FF spec.

Predictably, this has become the car to own for historic Formula Ford. John Fergus and Ron Finger are all-conquering wherever they appear in the US. Simon Hadfield in the UK was unbeatable in one, and prices remain double that of any other historic Ford. The May/June issue of Vintage Motorsport features a half-page color ad listing a Type 69 FF on offer for $52,000 USD. We have negotiated sale prices for these cars well in excess of $40,000 this year.

We have been researching the history of this particular car and it is now nearly complete. The car figured in the effort which brought the emergence of German and Austrian drivers in the late 60s and early 70s. In supporting photos and articles which can be viewed on the website the following personalities are pictured with the car: Jackie Stewart, Jackie Icx, Dr. Helmut Marko, and Nicki Lauda. It really brings home just what a crucible Formula Ford was considered for young talent.

The car was purchased by the current owner in the UK. The car was bought by an English trader as a wreck from from rising Austrian star Gerhart Irsa, who had a hugh shunt with the car at Zeltweg in 1973. The car required a replacement chassis from Arch Motors at that time, explaining the chassis number. Prior to the Zeltweg shunt Irsa had another fairly major accident at Brands Hatch and for some time we had thought this was the reason for the chassis replacement. Irsa was driving for the Max Bulla Racing Team, which ran three Lotus cars. Irsa had bought the car from fellow Austrian Helmut Koinigg who by that time had moved on to a Surtees F1 ride. Koenig had bought the car from the Lotus Components and is listed on the Lotus sales records as the original owner. He was subsequently killed at Watkins Glen. The car was exhibited at the Jochen Rindt Show, a traveling exhibit of Jochen's cars which was wildly popular in Germany and Austria at the time. While not belonging to Jochen it was probably a stand-in for his well-known and highly successful Lotus Type 69 F2. The B&W period photos of the car are from the Jochen Rindt show. We have been assisted in this effort by Austrian Eric Walisch, a Jochen Rindt and Lotus historian.

The following magazine reprints contain extensive text and photos of the car.
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View Page 1 of cover Story on Gerhart Irsa from Auto-Sport
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View Page 1 of story on Max Bulla Racing from Austro-Motor
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Fuel System

Oil/Water System

Electrical System


Final Drive





Proprietary parts needed to finish car

readily fabricated parts needed to finish

generic race car components needed to finish

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