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1985 Martini MK47 Restoration nearly complete SOLD

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Serial Number: MK47 02 SCCA #588
Frame Number: 02
Engine Number: Bertils
Gearbox Number: none
Logbook: SCCA will check
Condition: Excellent
Price:  US $18,000  Currency_Convert
Location: Fredericksburg, VA

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Looking for a near modern car that is vintage/historic capable? Why am I selling? I have a shifter kart and decided that's about the right amount of time I can spend away from my boys (and work) right now. Sooner or later I'm sure I'll be their mechanic! Car was one of the original MK47s that Martini used in the Pro Series they swithced mid season to the 48s (slightly longer wheel base, this chassis can be lenghtened with a spacer) If you look at Dider Theys it lists MK47 and MK48 in the season he won. After that The car was driven by Bertil Roos. The difference in the setup up data was huge. Didier had it like the typical stiff Ralt and Bertil had it much softer I have all the springs and rollbars for both setups. I have not run the car since 1998 or so.... I will tell you If you have decided on a SuperVee this is the care you want. I have owned and raced several Ralts, an Anson and this car. The Martini is by far the easiest to work on. And as Didier Theys showed, every bit of the car any Ralt is. I have had new A-Arms made for each corner. The standard parts are a bit flimsy for club racing. In pro racing they are "timed" parts that get x hours and are tossed. Pat at Prince Race cars jigged up and made a real nice set for me. the stock arms I kept some are good spares, some not really. The new arms are not nickel plated and can easily be checked for cracks etc. The 1800cc engine has ZERO hours on it. It has a Bertils Fresh upper on a "local" bottom end. Really long story short, I heard alot or great comments about moving to the 1800cc over the 1600cc more torque and less revs (better for club racing.) Since we were just racing SCCA regionals and nationals I talked with Bertils and decided the Pro spec head gave me 9/10s of the overall deal. The 1800 is a different block and like the 1600cc some have forged cranks. I found three in LA, good blocks and good standard forged cranks picked the best set and had a good local race machine shop prep and do the final mods. I have new steel H beam rods and new pistons in this engine. 1800 is back in the chassis and the gearbox is apart clean and ready to go back together. I've been working on it when time allows. Would guess that about 40hrs and the car is race ready. The 1600cc engine has about 20 hours on the bottom end. This is the engine I send the head from to Bertils so right now it's a short block but on my shelf is another head that could put this back to a full engine not as nice as the 1800. This engine has oil pump, pan all required to make it a spare. We had a catastrophic house fire and lost everything other than my shop.... This includes all of my setup and historical papers on the car. I have talked with SCCA Pro office and Tico Martini and Bertil Roos so most of this can be recreated (not as good as original but the car didn't burn too.) This isn't an exhaustive list but hope it gives you an idea of what I have: Martini MK47 Car and inventory Chassis: Martini MK47 this is a 1985 car raced in the 1986 U.S. SuperVee Series. Manufactured by Martini Race Cars Magny Cours France Tico Martini owner Chassis # is MK47 02 SCCA Pro Registered Chassis # 588 Front suspension is Pushrod Rocker Rear suspension is Rocker over shock Springs in front: must check rate Springs in rear: must check rate Front rollbar 14mm with pit adjustable blades Rear rollbar 28mm with cockpit adjustable blades TRW 6-point belts Lifeline Fire system Momo Removable Steering wheel Car wired for pit radio Full bottom of tub Jabrock protected Indy car style convex rearview mirrors Exhaust thermo-wrapped with Super Trapp silencer Full bodywork for car (no significant cracks or repairs to any of the bodywork) Gauges and controls: Race Products (RP) Mechanical tach with tell-tale Dual gauges Left Oil Pressure & Oil Temperature, Right Fuel Pressure & Water Temperature Digital Air/Fuel Ratio monitor LED bar graph Cockpit adjustable rear swaybar Electronic Revlimter Autometer Pro control New Lower A-Arms on front and rear of car. Old arms listed in spares 3 new Tilton Master Cylinders on car Engine in Chassis: 1800cc update from Pro 1600cc engine. (Zero hours) Fresh head from Bertils Engines on a completely new 1800cc bottom end with Carillo Steel “H” beam rods. “White” high torque starter Rear Camshaft driven distributor (High voltage only) Racetronic ignition Bosch high-pressure electronic injection Dual aluminum-composite intake manifold/throttle butterflies/injection AP Racing single disk metallic clutch and stepped flywheel Drysump system driven by jackshaft Gilmer belt driven water pump Adjustable cam timing pulley Gearbox: Hewland Mark 9 5 speed with reverse Can also be loaded as a 4 speed if desired 9:31 Ring and Pinion Torsen Differential Gearbox end cover with rear wing mount and jack points Gears for this car: (21 sets) 27:25, 26:25, 18:32, 22:30, 17:33, 23:28, 20:32, 24:28, 18:33, 21:31, 19:32, 22:29, 21:29, 20:31, 22:28, 24:27, 19:31, 20:30, 25:25 19:32 2nd only gear 4:36 Layshaft with integral 1st Several (3?) spare used dog rings Wheels: BBS Pro Series wheels 3 piece wheels as specified in SuperVee Pro Series 3 good fronts 8”x13” 1 front with damaged inner hat otherwise good 5 good rears 10”x13” Techomagneso 1 piece wheels (pre BBS wheels) 2 rears 8.5”x13” 1 front 6.5”x13” Spares: 1- 1600cc Pro spec bottom end with dry sump and oil pan as raced 2- 1800cc blocks and forged cranks not race prepped 4- vented VW rotors 1 Aluminum lower intake as on 1800cc engine no shafts or butterflies 1- all aluminum intake quad runner with butterflies no injectors 1- Pro Cam pulley with various timing slots machined 1-front mount engine alternator crank driven have used this on the car and without this. Suspension springs: 200, 250, 300, 500, 700 200FF springs like used in Crossley Formula Ford 5- CV joints 2- VW calipers 1-19mm Front rollbar 1-22mm Front rollbar 1 set front and rear lower A-Arms used and some repairs some good for spares some good for jigs to make new parts. Rear upright with hub and spindle (upright has mount damage) Front Upright and bearings looks new with steering plates Used single plate clutch assembly Used dual plate clutch assembly damage to clutch ring must be replaced Spare front rocker Spare shock White high-torque starter Open Hewland Differential for MK9 Extra Aluminum Dual Element Front Wings (High Downforce) Spare Rear wing main element and 2nd element (no spare rear wing upright) Extra V.W. water radiator


Produced in 1985 Used in Pro Series by Martini USA team Raced by Bertil Roos and Theys SCCA Club series Formula Atlantic

Performance Data


Fuel System

Oil/Water System

Electrical System


Rear End





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