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1969 Datsun 510 "Milagro 510" SOLD

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Serial Number: title exists
Logbook: SCCA 53-034 1975-2002
Condition: Very Good
Price:  US $11,000  Currency_Convert
Location: Austin, TX, USA

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Suspension: Coilovers. All bushings are either metal/ball or delrin with Heim joints on linkages. Steering box is stock Datsun. Track width is 60 inches, adjustable with wheel spacers as desired. Suspension settings are nearly neutral with slight negative camber (about 3/4 deg.) adjusted for the 9.5 Goodyears which are cantilevered tires with very stiff sidewalls. You should use your tire temps to make your own adjustments. Power Train: The welded diffs have stock old-style Datsun drive shafts which are rugged as hell. Changing the diff. is about a 30 minute job once you get the hang of it. The close ratio Nissan 5-speed 2-5 H gearbox is driven by an AP dual disc clutch behind a classic NISMO aluminum flywheel. Brakes: Front and rear are JFZ discs squeezed by your foot pushing on Tilton assembly with simple Girling 3/4 masters. Brake bias adjuster on the dash. Normal road courses won't tax the brakes at all. Use air ducts for airports. Engine The L-18 was prepped from Wally's pickup by Duffin Machine of San Antonio. The cylinder head (where the power comes from) was set up by Dave Weber at Malvern Racing with titanium parts and a lot of care. We assembled the rest with some polishing and knife-edging on the crank and all the usual internal mods (oil galley blocks, flaring, etc). The JE pistons were spec'd at 14:1 but we didn't cc the thing so don't know exactly. TotalSeal rings. Run the Sunoco 110 leaded or equivalent and you'll be safe. Everything we did to this engine was with reliability in mind, followed by keeping all the power it would make. Bearing clearances are stock and it runs Valvoline 20w-50 racing oil. At assembly, the engine could be easily turned by hand from the nose of the crank. We mocked up repeatedly and spent painstaking hours mapping the piston-valve clearance to keep that expensive head working smoothly. It's seen 8500 rpm in top on the TWS (using Nascar 3 & 4) long course with the 3.91 diff. That's about 140 mph. The engine will turn 9000+, but realize you are using up the life quickly at that speed and not making any more power. It has about 15 race hours on it as of this date (not counting shop warm up etc). Safety: There's a 5-lb halon system. Cage is original and has the requisite stamp and drill hole on the diagonal bar. Cage GCR compliant. SaBelt quick-release included - probably out of date now. ATL 15-gal fuel cell in steel box with new foam.


The Milagro Datsun 510 is available. This venerable race platform was somebody's proud purchase in 1969. By 1973 it had been converted to SCCA racing in New Mexico by the owner of a 510 taxi fleet. Ed Stanley went there and hauled it back to Texas where it was raced continuously until 1988 when Ed decided to retire from competition driving. I was working as an SCCA volunteer at the Dallas Grand Prix in the spring of 1988, my second working event since the 1987 IMSA Grand Prix event in San Antonio, Texas. Being a worker had its benefits, but about mid-day some Alamo Region members came by where I was doing security for the improvised horse barn paddock. By afternoon of that day, I'd had enough of that and asked they guys if they knew of a race car that might be available. I looked at it, called my buddy, Mark Kulczyk, and asked if he would like to share a race car. In a few days, the 510 was transferred from Ed's garage to ours. So far this car is now seeing its third retiring racer and is ready for the next . It is a fairly simple car and with care will provide lots of fun weekends for the limited budget racer. It was a starter car for us, but we liked it so much it just kinda made itself at home.

Recent Competition History

SwDiv Regional and National titles over the years. Race and qualifying sheets for a nr of events available. Texas tracks: TWS, Cabiniss, Abilene, Big Spring, TMS (Fort Worth). Other places: Ardmore OK, Lake Charles LA and unknown. 1st log entry Oct. 75 at La Junta, CO by Albert L. Ballschmidt.

Performance Data


Fuel System

Oil/Water System

Electrical System


Rear End




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