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1969 Caldwell D-9 Formula Ford SOLD

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Serial Number: 69 11 0040
Logbooks: SCCA
Condition: Excellent
Price: $15,000 $14,000 USD
Location: Michigan, USA
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This car has just been restored and has only one race on the restoration. It has the original SCCA logbook which shows a total of only 19 races, including the most recent. It carries a period but non-original two-piece nose fitted prior to 1973. The car was restored to conform to pre-1998 SCCA safety standards.

The car was very competitive at Waterford Hills the only time it has been on the track since the restoration. The engine ran strong. There is even compression accross the cylinders. Gears were changed for Waterford and the gearbox looks fine. It shifted fine at the track.

As indicated by the rollbar supports, external coolant lines, and aluminum side panels, the car was restored to SCCA safety specs. As of 1/1/98 it would need a forward roll hoop to be legal as a Formula Ford (Club Ford)

The nose is cracked around the air opening and a chunk is gone from one side if the flaring (as you can see in the pictures). The underside of the nose is scraped from going over curbing. The engine cover is cracked around the rear roll-bar support and some paint has peeled off the cover near the header. Yellow racer tape covers the cracks now and it is virtually unnoticable. Having said all of this, it really does look as good in person as the pictures. The paint is 1996 Corvette Yellow and is nicely done.


The American firm of Autodynamics closed it's doors in 1973 but by that time had become and still remains the highest volume producer of racing cars in the U.S., having produced over 1000 cars. After an abortive DeDion rear, solid axle front design which was predictably unsuccessful in 1968 for 1969 the firm went with a known quatity and based it's new design on the Merlyn Mk11A. Dubbed the Caldwell D-9 after founder Ray Caldwell, the car won the runoffs in it's inaugural year at the hands of one Skip Barber.

This unmolested and little used car has spent it's entire life in the Midwest. A recent conversation with John Horgas (of SCCA fame) revealed that it had been owned by his father Edward, whose name appears in the logbook. It was Edward's first race car and John's first exposure to racing. John confirmed that the current nose was on the car when his father purchased it in 1973. Prior to it's recent resoration it had sat in storage since 1977, by which time it had amassed only 18 races since 1972.

Recent Competition History

One race since restoration at Waterford hills where the car was very competitive.


Fuel System

Oil/Water System

Electrical System


Final Drive





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