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1971 Dulon LD9 Formula Ford Roller Exclusive SOLD

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Serial Number: tbd
Frame Number: tbd
Logbooks: RCCA
Condition: OK
Price: $7,000 U.S.
Location: Northeastern U.S.
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This car was running in club racing until a few years ago. The engine was pulled for a more modern car and it now sits awaiting a Historic buyer. The original somewhat unreasonable expectations of the owner have been moderated and it stands ready to sell at a fair price. A rebuildable but complete (pan, pump, etc.) Cortina could be supplied for an additional $1000 or a school specification Uprated for $1500. Ian Taylor won two of three British National Championships in a car like this in 1972 against Titan Mk6s and Lotus 69s. Is it a Historic sleeper or could he have won in a pushcart? Buy it and find out.


Dulon is another at one time well respected English Formula Ford marque which has slipped into relative obscurity. Bucking the trend of converting Formula 3 cars to the then new Formula Ford engineers Andrew DUncan and Bill LONgley actually adapted a Lotus 24 F1 into the first effort, unlikely titled the LD3. The LD4 was a purpose built device for 67. A total of 24 follow-on models; the LD4B for 68, and the LD4C for 69 were produced. A clean slate produced the LD9 for 1970 which as far as we can tell was little changed over the production span. In 1972 Ian Taylor won the inaugural Formula Ford Festival as well as the BOC Formula Ford Championship and the Daily Express Formula Ford Championship, besting Titan, Lotus, and Merlyn. A change in ownership for 1973 initiated a slow decline of fortunes over the 70s. By all accounts the Dulon is a first rate chassis and must be both a good handling car and a good straight line car, having lap records at both Castle Combe and the Silverstone GP circuit in the early 70s.

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Final Drive




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