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1972 Elden PH10 Falconer Formula Ford Exclusive SOLD

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Serial Number: tbd, has tag
Frame Number: tbd
Gearbox Number: tbd
Logbooks: SVRA
Condition: Very Good
Price: $26,500 $24,000 USD
Location: Ohio, Midwestern US
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This very rare Elden Formula Ford is distinguished by it's period aftermarket Falconer bodywork. The car was completely restored a few years ago by a professional race shop. The car has garnered several concours wins as well as race wins. The Ivey engnie has just been rebuilt and has only about an hour of time on it.


The Elden concern was formed by the brothers Hampshier, Briand, and engineer Peter, who contributed his initials to the car's designations. The first production model was the PH2 Formula 4, of 1967, powered by a motorcycle engine. This car was also called a Briham. 5 replicas were sold. In 1968 they produced the PH6, also called the Elden, a made-up name suggested by a friend/backer which stuck. The production model was the PH8, which was driven to good effect by Tony Brise, winning 33 events in 1971! As many as 48 copies of the PH8 were built between 1970 and 1972, while 121 copies of the follow-on PH10 were built from 1972 through 1974. The firm was hit hard by the enegy crisis in 1973 and sold out to another owner, who sold the firm back to them three years later. The firm continued to produce cars for the lesser formulae. Another distress sale was forced in 1979, but the brothers regained control for the third time in 1980. The firm was still trading in the early 90s, producing Formula Renaults.

Dennis Falconer produced aerodynamic bodywork for a variety of smaller bore formula cars in the early 70s but he and his bodywork were catapulted into the spotlight by Johnny Gerber's Inaugural World Cup Formula Ford Festival win in an Elden PH10 with Falconer bodywork. The bodywork was hyped as Gerber's secret advantage. In truth it may have assisted his superb driving talent. Falconer went on to create aftermarket bodywork for the Brabham BT-41 F3 and March Formula 3 cars.

Recent Competition History

Numerous successful Historic Formula Ford outings in the SVRA, HSR, and VSCDA.


Fuel System

Oil/Water System


Final Drive





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