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1985 Mondiale M85S Formula Ford Exclusive SOLD

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Serial Number: 02
Logbooks: SCCA
Condition: Very Good
Price: $9500 USD
Location: Michigan (Upper Midwest) US
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Available as a complete rolling chassis with new (unpainted) bodywork for $7400, an uprated with 5 races on a Dixon rebuild is available for another $2100. An extensive spares package comes with the car including an open trailer. The car had a complete frame-up restoration by a professional shop in 1995. Since that time it has done one school and two races and been rented for 5 races in the Canadian Pro 1600 FF series, where it finished a very respectable 2nd in the "B" class.

18 ft PACE enclosed tag trailer (red) with beavertail, ramp door, workbench, lights, and tie-down tracks
10 MK9 Gearsets - assortment of popular CENDIV ratios


The Mondiale company in Northern Ireland was founded in 1984 by ex-Crossle designer Leslie Drysdale and others. The initial offering, the M84S was immediately successful and was very effectively developed over sucessive seasons. The small firm was given a measure of stability in 1986 by a large order placed by the Skip Barber School for specially deisgned school cars which are still in use today. The firm also built the Barber-SAAB pro cars. The history of this particular car follows:

1985Manufactured in Bangor, N. Ireland by the “MONDIALE” Car Company (Chassis # 02 of 5 built)
Competed in Dutch Pro FF1600 Series. Results unknown.
1986Exported to USA by Derek Daly for SCCA Competition
1987Purchased and Homologated in Detroit, Michigan
Waterford Hills Road Racing Inc. (WHRRI) local competition
1988WHRRI competition
1989WHRRI competition
1990WHRRI competition
1991Purchased by current owner
SCCA Regional competition 2 schools / 6 races Winner at MIS
1992SCCA Regional competition 2 races Pole at Grattan, MI
SCCA National competition 3 races 11 pts CENDIV
1995Professional frame-up restoration St. Claire Motorsports, MI

Recent Competition History

1995SCCA Regional competition 1 school / 2 races
1996Canadian Pro F1600 Series 5 “rental” races 2nd in “B-class” pts


Fuel System

Oil/Water System

Electrical System


Final Drive





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