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1969 Macon MR7 Formula Ford Exclusive SOLD

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Chassis Number: 107
Condition: good, a runner, needs tidying but complete.
Price: $9,000 U.S.
Location: Northeastern U.S.
l front 3/4


This pre-70 Formula Ford is a complete and very original example of the English specialist producer's 1968-9 second model for the class. Monoposto racer Tony Macon produced the MR6 beginning in 1967 and made headlines by debuting the car at the hands of Ray Allen who had won the first ever stand-alone Formula Ford race in July of that year. True to form, Allen obtained a victory for a storybook kick-off for the marque. The history books tell us that a 1969 car should be a MR7B but the chassis plate on the car reads as follows:

DATE 4 8 69

The Macon concern produced follow-on models into the 1970s but is something of a mystery. In a noted chart of Formula Ford specifications the Macon is one of the few models where most of the columns are blank! The car certainly has high novelty value. The car is in running, driving condition and was tested once by the current owner and found to be a pleasant and sorted driver. Unlike many early Fords it has a fully adjustable suspension. Needing at most an engine freshening and some cosmetic cleanup, it is very original down to the correct Smith's guages and a chronometric tach. Complying with SCCA safety regulations it even has the steel wheels required for Historic Formula Ford. It is one of the bargains of the web site.


It is documented that several cars were imported to the U.S., this is obviously one of them. It had been campaigned in the Northeast for some time as a SCCA Club Ford, which markings it still has. It was then purchased as a running car by the current owner just as Historic Formula Ford began in the U.S. Sadly, he has since lost interest and the car has sat for some years.

Recent Competition History

SCCA regional Club Ford thru 1989.



Final Drive




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