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1969 Nike Mk4 Formula Ford Exclusive SOLD

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Serial Number: tbd
Gearbox Number: tbd
Logbooks: not known
Condition: unrestored, complete
Price: $7000 $6500 USD
Location: Michigan, Northern Midwest, USA
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A complete but unrestored pre-70 Formula Ford it looks to have seen little use in the last 20 odd years. The car is complete and from what little information there is on the marque appears correct and unmolested. A Hewland Mk9 is in place and the engine sports an uprated carb and intake manifold so perhaps has the rest of the uprated bits. Sharing much with the Titan Mk4/5/6 designs the chassis appears competent and well-triagulated, with a good wide track. The car was obviously in the midst of a repaint when the owner passed on but the body is very pretty in the manner of an Alexis or Merlyn. This car is presumed to be a 1968-69 Mk4, but information on the marque is scarce.


Like many early Formula Ford manufacturers the Nike concern, governed by engineer Ken Nicholls, began building Formula Juniors, the Mk1 being a front-engined junior, named after the Greek goddess of victory. The first Formula Ford design, co-penned by Nicholls and Mark Erwood, debuted in 1968 and was sold into 1969. The Mk6 for 1970, Mk10 for 1971-1974 and Mk10B for 1975-76 were followed by the last of the line, the Mk10C beginning in 1977 and persisting sometime into the 1980s.

A quick perusal of early lap records reveals that the Nike must have been a pretty good straight line car, one driven by a Doug Bassett holding the Silverstone Formula Ford lap record in 1972, this record shard, incidentally with a Titan 6 and a Dulon.

The Steve Nickless Formula Ford book indicates that early Nike models were exported into the US under the Baker name, but the oral history of this car identifies it as a Nike and it matches photos we have of Mk4s.

Recent Competition History



Fuel System

Oil/Water System

Electrical System


Final Drive





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