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1968 Titan Mk4 Formula Ford Exclusive SOLD

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Serial Number: none, no plaque
Frame Number: AM 28
Logbooks: none, has SCCA number on rollover bar
Condition: basket case
Price: $4,000 USD
Location: New York, Eastern US
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A true project car, this Titan consists of a very good condition chassis, about 50% of the corner parts, including the rear uprights, steering rack, fuel cell, and new bodywork. It does not have an engine or gearbox. The chassis was at one point updated to Mk6 spec, which basically means converting the front upper wishbone to a top link and trailing rod. The pickup point for the trailing rod is easily removed. The rollover bar was replaced with an SCCA-legal one which will not win any beauty contests and wants replacement. The Mk4 chassis takes the earlier Hewland Mk6 gearbox, with the offset sideplate ears. These sideplates are available machined for either Mk6 or Mk8 gearboxes so the car can take either gearbox.

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Titan was founded in 1965 by Charles Lucas, a Formula 3 driver and team owner. The Mk3 F3 car was adapted for the 1968 Formula Ford Mk4, featuring a very pretty cigar-shaped drooped nose reminiscent of a Lotus 41. According to some records only 12 Mk4s were constructed. The Mk5 was a mildly updated car for 1969, with the major change being a revised rear bulkhead to accept the new Hewland Mk8 gearbox with repositioned sideplate spigots. Only 15 Mk5s were produced and all appear to have gone to the US market.

The 1970 Mk6 and subsequent A,B, and C models for 71-73 were produced in vast numbers but lost the pretty bodywork of the earlier cars, opting for a more modern flatter nose in an attempt to generate downforce. Surprisingly, the chassis differences between the Mk6 and earlier cars are relatively minor, consisting of the aforementioned front top wishbone and lightening of corner parts through the use of thinner tube and smaller rod ends. The Mk6 is much favored for pre-72 historics but the Mk4 and 5 are in fact real sleepers for pre-70, featuring a wide track and low frontal area.


Fuel System

Oil/Water System

Electrical System


Final Drive





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