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1983 Viking Formula Ford 1600 Exclusive SOLD

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Serial Number: none assigned
Logbooks: SCCA
Condition: excellent
Price: $16,500 U.S.
Location: Northeastern U.S.
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Purchased a few years ago by a Formula Ford competitor who found Historics a little too tame this car fell into obviously sympathetic hands. It has been pampered and well cared for and wants little in the way of development. Appreciating the car's history the current owner contacted Arnie Loying and had him build a proper engine for the car. He has had much success this year with the car, winning two Regionals and being consistently on the pace. The car runs mid 55s at Lime Rock and in the right hands would be competitive Nationally. The car is accompanied by numerous spares including an engine.


Engine builder Arnie Loyning and professor Bob Erickson of Portland began design on an advanced Formula Ford 1600 design in 1976. The first prototype was shown in 1979 and by the time the first customer orders were being filled in 1982 Bob Lobenberg took one to victory at the Runoffs. Needle-nosed, very low cars with full rocker suspension and mid radiator the Viking was extremely advanced for the time and forecast the general arrangement of the DB1. Arnie's engine building business forced him to abandon the chassis business after 5 to 8 cars were built. Noone is exactly certain of the total and chassis numbers were never assigned to any of the cars. Erickson proceeded to built more cars to a total of perhaps 12. This is known to be the last car built. Known as the "Van Kay" car it was campaigned with sponsorship from the kart wheel manufacturer and features two sets of wheels specially made for it by the sponsor.

Arnie Loyning has gone on to become one of the most respected engine builders in the U.S., most recently making his impression in the Toyota Atlantic series. The Viking cars are described on page 121 of The Anatomy and Development of the Formula Ford Race Car by Steve Nickless.

Recent Competition History

2 Regional wins in 5 races, 55.3 at Lime Rock


Fuel System

Oil/Water System


Final Drive





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