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1990 Van Diemen RF90 Formula Ford SOLD

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Engine Number: Auriga
Gearbox Number: LD200
Logbook: Included
Condition: Good
Price:  US $13,900 w/o penskes 14900 w/  Currency_Convert
Location: Sioux Falls, SD USA

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Purchased the car from a Canadian in 2008 and poured a considerable amount of money in the car to bring it up to performance and safety standards. The car was only ever used for autox duty and comes with the original log book. Anything suspect was replaced including an upright, brake line, fuel cell, and belts. Auriga engine Carb Rebuilt by Ivey Throttle Linkage all rebuilt Pertronix Electronic Ignition Installed AN fitting fuel pump Motorcycle fan installed in one radiator (for autox) Brand new fuel cell installed ($$) Penskes with 8760 internals from SnapDragon w/ hyperco springs ($1900) Shocks fully rebuilt and revalved by Stimola Rear Spider Bracing and bellcrank replacement from Eric Purcel of Earthbound Flying Machines ($1250) All calipers rebuilt and Hawk Autox Pads installed (original pads… I believe hawk blue are included) Panasport ultralight rims with low heat cycle'd r35a's Master Cylinders rebuilt New throwout bearing installed Nearly every spherical was replaced on the car with Auroras Stack Dash Shift Linkage joints replaced with helicopter joints Gears: Integral 1st 13:37 17:34 17:28 19:27 23:27 18:27 R&P 9:31 Spare Rear Diff LD200 alignment tool and Manual Setup Sheets for the Glen and Lime Rock Fire System reads pressurized Looking for 13,900 w/o penskes and 14,900 w/ OE bilsteins Prices are open to negotiation As it sits right now the car is 100% turn key.

Performance Data


Fuel System

Electrical System


Rear End


Formula Ford 1600 Listings Modern Formula Car Listings Van Diemen Listings

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