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Message Boards - Instructions for Use
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What is It?
A message board is the website version of a bulletin board. Any visitor can post a message and view all of the messages posted by other visitors. Most messages include the author's email address so they can be easily contacted. Visitors can also post "follow-up" messages which supplement or are in response to existing messages. With these "follow-up" messages visitors can engage in public discussions or provide supplemental information of interest to all viewers. Follow-up message titles appear below the original message and are indented.

Reading Messages
To read a message go to the message board page and click on the title of the message, which appears in color with an underline. That message will then be presented on your screen with navigation links which allow you to email the author, view follow-ups to that message, post your own follow-up message, or return to the main message board. Below the body of the message the titles of any follow-up messages are displayed. You can click on them to view the follow-ups.

Sending Email to the Message Author
If the author included an email address their name will appear as a colored link in the message and you can click on it or a "Send Email" link to send them an email. Emails are the preferred method for conducting private communications such as price inquiries or transmitting shipping addresses. Note that follow-ups are only posted to the message board, they do not send an email to the author.

Posting Messages
You can easily post a message of your own. If you wish to begin a new forum topic, offer a part for sale, or post a part wanted go the appropriate message board and click on "Post Message. If you wish to continue a discussion or contribute more information of general interest about an existing posting open that message for reading on your screen and click on "Post Follow-up".

You will be presented with a "fill-out form" which consists of blank boxes into which you will type your name (which is required), your email address if you have one, and the subject of the message. The subject is what will appear on the message board as the message title. It should describe the nature of the message such as "Van Diemen corner parts" or "Why can't I win any races?". Finally there is a larger box which you can use to enter the body of your message. This can hold up to a page of text. Make sure to include your telephone number if you do not have an email address.

When you are finished typing click on the "Submit" or "Submit Follow-up" depending upon what you are doing. If you decide you don't want to send your message or want to start over click on the "Reset" button which will clear all the message boxes. Once you submit your message if there are any errors the website will return the message entry screen and ask you to correct them. If the message is OK you will get a screen saying "Message Added" with all message information displayed. You then have the option of viewing the message and adding a follow-up or returning to the message board.

Removing Messages
Messages are automatically removed from the bottom of the boards as new messages are posted. If you wish your message removed sooner email inquiry@race-cars.com with the name of the message board, verbatum title of your message and the word "remove" in the body of the email. You can repost your message once it has been automatically removed but not until then.

Have fun, be polite, and participate!

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