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The Sales Process

How Potential Buyers Communicate with You

The primary way for buyers to initially contact you, the owner, is by email. Owners should check their email every day. We have created our own special email system which allows buyers and sellers to exchange emails anonymously. This Privacy Guard Email System helps us protect your privacy. AOL users and those with spam protection should set spam controls to "allow everyone" or add "race-cars.com" to your address book. For help with this please call AOL tech support.

Buyers click on a "CONTACT OWNER" link at the bottom of the listing. This takes them to a page which explains the contact procedure and has a "SEND EMAIL" link. This link brings up an email composition window with our address and your car's number already filled in. Buyers simply enter their questions in the body of the message.

Each email is screened by our staff and we will attempt to answer it. If we cannot we relay it to you and may also edit it and include our own comments. You respond by making a reply to the email which we relay back to the buyer. The buyer may then reply and the two of you can communicate back and forth via email. At any time you may provide the buyer with your phone number or instruct us to do so. We ask that buyers provide their contact information when requesting owner contact info.

Every email and reply is recorded in a contact database which the owner can view at any time using a link at the bottom of the spec sheet. You can view the questions we have answered as well as those which were relayed to you. If any inquiries are still open they are flagged in red. You can check this database to make certain you are getting your email.

If you choose to have the buyer contact you directly please keep us updated on the progress of the sale. Please do not hesitate to involve us if you have any concerns about the sale. We have a lot of experience in this! If you complete the sale on your own please notify us immediately, including the final sale price and buyer's identity. We will then remove the listing. If the sale was the result of a contact from the site we will invoice you for our commission. You cannot remove the listing yourself, we must do this.

If you do not have email you have two options. Either you can authorize us to automatically provide your phone number to any inquiry or you can ask us to always call you first so you can make the decision on an individual basis. If a buyer does not have email and calls us with an inquiry, we create an email for them and when you reply we call them back. All phone contacts are also logged in the database.

Changing and Improving Your Listing

We provide you with the ability to modify your listing at any time. You can add information which you find is frequently requested or make price changes. You do so using the "edit your listing" link at the bottom of the spec sheet. We are notified whenever you make a change to your listing and we will highlight significant changes such as price reductions in the site news for that day.

You can also add, change, or delete photos. There are links to add photos at the bottom of the spec sheet and photo page. There are links to change or delete an individual photo on the page for that photo. You can add supporting documents using the link at the bottom of the spec sheet. Once a document is available links are provided to change or delete it next to the link for the document near the top of the spec sheet.

To help you monitor the interest in your listing we have provided a visitor counter for your listing at the top of the spec sheet, just below the location.

It is common for buyers to request additional technical data and photos or documents. You can post additional photos to the listing yourself or attach them to your reply to the buyer and we will post them for you. You can also ask us to make any changes to your listing for you.

Your Username and Password

Even if you did not register online and we created your listing for you, a username and password have been created for you. You should have received an email when we registered you with your username and password. You should also receive an email when your listing is created with a pointer to it.

If you wish to edit your listing, add or modify photos or documents, or view the contact database you are required to log in with your username and password. No one else can have access to these functions but you. If you forget your username or password is it easy to recover them using the "Lost ..." links on the right side of the login box. You use your email address as a key to recover both.

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