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Chevron Listings Marque Type Refs
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B119652Clubmans Formula, 1500cc Ford
B219664Clubmans Formula, 1500cc Ford, 1000cc BMC(1)
B319662GT, 1600cc Ford (Lotus)Twincam
B419661GT, 2 litre BMW
B519671GT, 2 litre BRM V8, debut win for Brian Redman, Oulton
B619677GT, 2 litre BMW, 1600 Twincam(1)
B719671Formula 3, 1000cc Lucas Ford
B81968-7044GT/Group 4 Sports Car, 2 litre BMW(34), 1600cc Cosworth FVA(5), 1600cc Ford Twincam(1), 1600cc BMC(1), 2 litre Climax(1), 2.7 litre Climax(1), 1800cc Cosworth FVC(1)
B919688Formula 3, 1000cc
B9B19681Formula 3, Peter Gethin debut win, Brands
B1019682Formula 2/Libre, Cosworth FVA
B1219681GT, 3 litre Repco 640 V8, John Wolfe debut win, Silverstone
B1419683Formula B, 1600cc Lotus Twincam
B15196914Formula 3, 1000cc, Reine Wisell debut win, Snetterton
B15B19697Formula B/Libre, 1600cc Ford Twincam(6), 1600cc Cosworth FVA(1)
B15C19701Formula 3, 1000cc, last 15 built with modified pickup-points and brakes
B161969-7023Group 5/6 Sports Car, 1800cc Cosworth FVC(18), 1600cc(Cosworth FVA(2), 2 litre BMW(2), 2 litre Mazda(1), Brian Redman debut win,Nurburgring
B16-Spyder19701Group 6 Sports Car, 1800cc Cosworth FVC
B1719709Formula 3, 1000cc
B17B19705Formula B/Libre, 1600 Twincam(4), 1600cc Cosworth FVA(1)
B17C19702Formula 2/Libre, 1600cc Cosworth FVA
B181970-7113Formula 2/Atlantic/B/3, 1600ccCosworth FVA(4), 1800cc Cosworth FVC(1), 1600cc Ford Twincam(6), 1600cc Cosworth BDA(1), 1600cc BRM Twincam(1)
B19197135Sports Car, open, 1800cc Cosworth FVC(32), 2 litre Abarth(1), 3 litre BMW Alpina(1), John Bridges debut win, Oulton
B201971-729Formula 2/Atlantic/B/3, 1900cc Cosworth BDA-Smith(1), 1930cc Cosworth BDA-RES(1), 2 litre BDA-Hart(1), 1600cc Ford twincam(5), 1600cc Cosworth BDA-Richardson(1)
B21197228Sports Car, open, 1800cc Cosworth FVC(20), 2 litre Cosworth BDA-Hart(2), 1300cc BDA(1), 2 litre BMW(1), Cosworth Vega EA(2), Hart Alloy BDA(1)
B23197326Sports Car, open, 1900cc Smith BDA, 1930 Smith FVC, 2 litre Smith FVC, Schnitzer BMW, Tecno, Alfa, Hart alloy BDA
B241972-7310Formula 5000, 5 litre Chevy, Brian Redman debut win, Oulton
B25197316Formula 2/Atlantic, 1600cc BDA, 2 litre Smith FVI, 1930 Smith FVC
B261973-749Sports Racer, open, first monocoque sports car, 2 litre Hart ally BDA, 1900cc Richardson FVD, 2 litre Hart 420, 1300cc FVC, 2 litre BDA
B27197416Formula 2/Atlantic, 1600cc BDA, 2 litre BMW, Hart BDA, Schnitzer BMW
B2819742Formula 5000, 5 litre Chevy, Peter Gethin debut win, Brands
B29197527Formula 2/Atlantic, 1600cc BDA, 1600cc Twincam, 2 litre Chrysler, 2 litre Hart BDA, 2 litre BMW
B30197513.5 litre Cosworth Ford V6, debut win by David Purley, Brands
B3119756Sports Car, 2 litre Hart 420R, 1600cc Ford, debut win John Hine, Ian Grob, Mugello
B3219751Hillclimb Car, 5.7 litre Chevy
B34197633Formula 3/Atlantic, 1600cc BDA, 2 litre Toyota
B3519768Formula 2, 2 litre BMW, Chrysler, Hart 420R, Swindon BDX
B361967-7821Sports Car, 2 litre BMW, 1600cc FVA, 2 litre Chrysler, 2 litre BDG
B3719761Formula 5000, 5 litre Chevy
B38197728Formula 3, 2 litre Toyota
B39197711Formula Atlantic, 1600cc BDA
B40197711Formula 2, 2 litre BMW, Chrysler, Hart 420R, Ferrari V6, Swindon BDX
B411978-791Formula 1, 3 litre Cosworth DFV
B42197821Formula 2, 2 litre BMW, Chrysler, Hart 420R, Ferrari V6
B43197816Formula 3, 2 litre Toyota, debut win Siegfried Stohr, Misano
B4519784Formula Atlantic, 1600cc BDA
B4619781Formula Super Vee, the last Bennett era car
B471979?Formula 3, 1 British F3 victory by Devaney
B481979?Formula 2, no wins but some points by Rahal and others
B491979?Formula Atlantic
B5019794Formula Super Vee
B5119???Can Am, Hart, built for Newman-Haas, unraced
B5219???Open Sports Car, BDA 1700
B531980?Formula 3 proposal
B541980?Formula Atlantic proposal
B551980?Formula Atlantic?
B6119???Closed Sports Coupe similar to 16
B6219??1Group C car
B6319855-6Sports 2000
B6519??0Unrealized Group C/GTP Car
B681987?Formula Ford 1600
B701992?Formula Ford 1600
B711995??WSC Car
B731996-98?WSC Car
B741996-98?Supersports car
B751996??Kart, Comer and Honda
B761996??kart, Formula Yamaha
This index has been put together from a variety of sources to whom we are grateful.
Special thanks to Mark Monaghan for information on the post-Bennett cars.
Please inform us of any errors or omissions via email inquiry@race-cars.com .

Chevron Listings Marque Type Refs

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