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The First Thirty Years
Prepared with the cooperation of Hewland Engineering Limited.
See also the Hewland Engineering website.
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MkI1960up to 1500cc? The first of the VW-based small-displacement gearboxes, slight modification of the VW, differed from the production Mk3, 12 made for Lola only
MkII1961up to 1500cc?Used by Elva, with more modifications
MkIII1962up to 1500cc70 lb. The definitive production VW-based box, tail shifter, VW diff and sideplates, VW bearing carrier, now with Hewland quick-change gears, five forward speeds, splash lubrication. More widely available.
MkIV1963up to 1500cc70 lb. The second generation VW-based 'box, GKN (Ford Zephr) diff, Hewland side plates and bearing carrier with forward facing shifter, diff still in ball bearings, sideplate ears offset to front or rear. The gearbox that really launched Hewland Engineering.
MkV19631600cc, high torque75 lb. A "heavy duty" variant of the VW-based series, designed for low RPM, high torque engines, such as the Lotus twincam, utilized special thicker gears and layshaft
H.D.19631.5 to 3.5 litres
400 ft. lbs. (4 spd)
300 ft.lbs. (5 spd)
85 lb.The first complete Hewland design featuring a proprietary case, for F1 and big bore sports racers, cam and pawl LSD, 4 or 5 speed, first used on Brabhams with 2.7 Climaxes for Tasman
LG 500 1966300-450 cu.in.136 lb. "large gearbox", the largest Hewland transaxle to this time, this model a 4 speed, LG's were ultimately available with 2, 4, or 5 speeds, the first being for Indy cars, mainstay for Can Am and Formula 5000, limited slip cam and pawl or "Power-Lok" multi-plate, internal oil pump, distinctive upper right linkage, "two-man 'box"
Mk VI 1965up to 1500cc75 lb. virtually identical to MkIV with varying sideplates for different manufacturers, sometimes license built by manufacturers
Mk VII 1968/9?? lb.very rare 6-speed version of Mk IV for 1000cc F2
FT 200 19662.5 litres, 200lbs./ft.84-90 lb.(41 kg.) An all-new, completely Hewland design for intermediate power levels, Formula 2/B/Atlantic, 2 litre sports cars, 5 speeds, oil pump optional
Mark 8 19681.5 litres, 150 lbs./ft.70 lb. The third generation of VW-based small-bore transaxle, proprietary ring and pinions replace VW ones, larger open diff riding in tapered roller bearings, new gear hub system with all hubs splined to pinion shaft, 4 or 5 speed with open diff or LSD, sideplate ears centered, only the case is VW
DG 300 1969?4.5 litres, 350 lbs./ft.53 kg. "different gearbox", 5 speed intermediate load range transaxle with LG cam and pawl limited slip, oil pump, low right shifter, evergreen unit for F1/Sports cars
FG 400 1968280 lbs./ft.110 lb. "effing gearbox?", 5 speed transaxle used in Formula 1 first half of DFV era, many FT internals including gears with larger DG/LG final drive parts in unique case
LG 600 1968300-450 cu.in.145 lb. five speed version of LG 500 using longer bearing carrier, Formula 5000, Can Am
FGA 1972280 lbs./ft.110 lb. Development version of Formula 1 FG 400, second half of DFV era, six speed version also
LG 2 1972?300-450 cu.in.? lb. 2 speed Indy variant of LG 'box with special gears
LG Mk II 1972?300-450 cu.in.? lb. special Indy 4 or 5 speed version of LG with different case, selector rod, and diff
DG 300 Mark 2 1972?4.5 litres118 lb. development version of DG, differences?
Mark 9 19731.5 litres70 lb. final evolution of VW-cased small bore 'box, Mark 8 with inboard brake sideplates, double row output shaft bearings, Spicer shafts only, no more donuts
FGB 1978260 lbs./ft.112 lb. (47kg.) Development of FG 400/FGA Formula 1 'box for early turbo era, beefier main case to take larger crown wheel and pinion (lower ratio for higher revving engines), limited slip in common with DGB
DGB 1981440 lbs./ft.61 kg. Sportscar endurance box, full oil system, strong case
VG 1981600 lbs./ft.76 kg. As DGB concept but bigger
LD 200 1988150 lbs/ft
140 hp
63 lb.(31kg.) The replacement for the venerable Mark series, current 'box for Formula Ford, other entry level formulas, squarish aluminum main case with one integral sideplate, o-rings on rear carrier and cover!
See also the Identification of Transmission Type section in the Taylor Race Engineering Catalog.
This index has been put together from a variety of sources to whom we are grateful.
Please inform us of any errors or omissions via email inquiry@race-cars.com .
In particular we wish to thank Mike and William Hewland for permitting and reviewing our efforts and making many valuable corrections and additions.
14 January, 1998

Dear Bill,
It has taken some time and I cannot guarantee 100% accuracy, but here is the list of Hewland historic gearboxes. They were all "publicly available". Not included are the many specialised bespoke projects that were undertaken for customers.

The enormous amount of new transmissions (mainly bespoke) that have been designed since the early 1990's would make this list tenfold in length so this is the "first thirty years" of Hewland Engineering.

Best Regards,
William Hewland

View Hewland Listings Marque Type Refs

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