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Lola Listings Marque Type Refs
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Broadley Special1956-5711172 Clubman's Special
Mk11957-59351100 Sports Race, usually Climax powered, Lotus 11 beater
Mk1A196011500 Sports Racer, Climax FPF
Mk2196019-29Front enginered Junior, Lola's first formula car, Ford 105E
Mk3196111futuristic Formula Junior, first mid-engined Lola, Holbay 105E
Mk4/4A19624Formula 1, Climax FWMV V8
Mk5/5A1962-639Formula Junior, Ford
Mk619633Group 6 Sports Racer, Ford, later Chevy powered
GT19644Group 6 Sports Racer, Ford
T-5319641Formula 3 (Mk 5 model 3)
T-54/55/5619643-7Formula 2 Cosworth SCA (Mk5 model 4)
T-60/61/621964-6612Formula 2, first monocoque single seater
T-70196547(Mk1/2)immortal sports prototype, Group 7, 9 and Can Am, Chevy V8
T-70 Mk2 (T-72)196647(Mk1/2)Group 7 development of T-70
T-70 Mk3 (T-74?)196725Group 4 and 6 GT, some Aston Martin
T-70 Mk3B (T-78)196816Group 4 and 6 GT, Chevy V8
T-8019653Indy Car, Ford DOHC V8
T-90/921966-676Indy Car, Ford DOHC V8
T-100/1021966-677/2Formula 2 BMW and FVA
T-11019670Formula 1 proposal
T-12019671hillclimb car, BMW powered
T-13019671Formula 1 Honda RA300 based on T-90 tub, Honda RA273E V12
T-140/1421968-6945Formula 5000, Chevy V8
T-150/152/153/1541968-697Indy car in 2 or 4 wheel drive configuration, Offenhauser turbo
T-160/162/163/164/1651968-7025Can Am, Chevy V8
T-18019681Formula 1 Honda RA301, Honda RA301 V12
T-190/1921969-7020Formula 5000, Chevy V8
T-200/202/2041970-72115-120Formula Ford
T-210/2121970-71382 litre sports racer, Cosworth FVC
T-220/2221970-719Group 7/Can Am, Chevy V8
T-23019700Formula 1 proposal
T-240/2421971-7215/2Formula B/Atlantic, Formula 2, Cosworth FVA
T-250/2521971-7259Formula Super Vee
T-26019712Can Am, Chevy V8
T-27019725Indy Car, Offenhauser turbo
T-280/282/284/2861972-776-93 litre sports racer, Cosworth DFV
T-290/292/294/296/297/2981972-7877-101 2 litre sports racer, Hart BDA
T-300197215Formula 5000, Chevy V8
T-31019722Can Am, Chevy V8
T-320/322/324/326/3281973-7763-92Formula Super Vee
T-330/332/332C1972-7653Formula 5000, Chevy V8
T-332CS19773Can Am
T-333CS197812Can Am
T-340/3421973-76170-213Formula Ford
T-35019751Formula 3, Ford
T-3601973-7516-19Formula B/Atlantic/3
T-3701974-743Formula 1 Hill, Cosworth DFV
T-38019751-23 litre sports racer
T-39019752-52 litre sports racer, BMW M12/6
T-4001974-7515Formula 5000, Chevy V8
T-4101974-758-12Formula Super Renault
T-43019763Formula 5000 based on T-360
T-4401976-78104Formula Ford
T-45019764Formula 2 BMW
T-460197621Formula Atlantic, most updated to 560 via factory kit
T-47019761Formula 3
T-48019774Formula Ford 2000, Formula Continental
T-490/4921976-7999Sports 2000
T-496/4971977-7910C Sports Racer and Hillclimb
T-506/506B1977-81109+Mini Grand Prix
T-51019774Formula Super Renault
T-530198010Can Am
T-540/540E1977-79?Formula Ford
T-55019771Formula 2 Holbay-Abarth
T-56019771update to T-460 Atlantic, offered as kit
T-57019774Formula 3 based on T-550
T-5801978-79?Formula Ford 2000
T-590/592/592S1980-8168Sports 2000
T-594/594C198315/2Sports 2000/C Sports VW/Hart
T-596/596C/598/598C1984-8952(to '87)Sports 2000
T-6001981-8212GTP/B6/C Chevy, Ford, BMW
T-61019832GTP/C Ford
T-61619834GTP/C Junior Mazda/Polimotor
T-6201978?Formula Super Vee
T-640/642/6441982-84?Formula Ford
T-6601978?Formula Atlantic
T-670/6721978-799Formula 3
T-710/7111984-882-5GTP Chevy
T-7201979?Formula Super Vee
T-740none0proposed Formula Ford, never built
T-7601979?Formula Atlantic
T-770/7721979-80?Formula 3
T-8101985-?5+GTP/C1 Nissan
T-8501981?Toleman Hart F2
T-8601981?Formula Atlantic
T-87019831Formula 3 tested but never raced
T-90019???Indy car
T-95019854Formula 3000 based on T900 Indy
T-86/00198615Indy Car
T-86/10/1219863GTP Chevy
T-86/501986?Formula 3000
T-86/90198620+Sports 2000, winner US Pro series
T-87/001987?Indy Car
T-87/101987?GTP Chevrolet
T-87/3019872+Formula 1
T-87/501987?Formula 3000, 1st year in Japan, wins championship
T-88/00198829Indy Car
T-88/101988?GTP Chevrolet
T-88/501988?Formula 3000
T-88/901988?Sports 2000, winner US pro series
T-89/001986?Indy Car
T 89/501989?Formula 3000
T 90/001990?Indy Car, Indy winner and CART championship
T 90/301990?Formula 1 (Larrousse)
T 90/501990?Formula 3000, Japanese and European championship
T 91/00199139Indy Car, CART Championship
T 91/50199146Formula 3000, Japanese championship
T 92/001992?Indy Car, CART Championship
T 92/1019923-4C1 Judd
T 92/501992?Formula 3000, Japanese Championship
T 93/001993?Indy Car, CART Championship
T 93/201993?Indy Lights
T 93/501993?Formula 3000, Japanese championship
T 94/001994?Indy Car
T-94/501994?Formula 3000
T 95/001995?Indy Car, CART Championship
T 95/201995?Indy Lights, Championship
T 95/501995?Formula 3000
T 96/001996?Indy Car
T-96/501996?Formula 3000
T 97/201997?Indy Lights
T 97/501997?Formula 3000
T 97/511997?Formula Nippon
T 98/001998?Indy Car
T 98/101998?Sports Car, ISRS
T 98/501998?Formula 3000
T 98/511998?Formula Nippon
B 99/001999?Indy Car
B 98/101998?Sports Car, ISRS
B 99/501999?Formula 3000
B 99/511999?Formula Nippon
This index has been put together from a variety of sources to whom we are grateful.
Please inform us of any errors or omissions via email inquiry@race-cars.com .

Lola Listings Marque Type Refs

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