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Lotus Listings Marque Type Refs
Mark 119471Austin 7 trials special, destroyed
Mark 219491Ford powered trials special, survives
Mark 319512, 1 chassisAustin 7 750 Formula special
Mark 419521Austin 7, Ford 1172 trials special
Mark 5none0intended as 750 Formula car
Mark 61953-55110first customer car, spaceframe, alloy body, kit, various engines
Mark 7 S11957-60242spaceframe kit car for road or race
Mark 7 S21960-681350lightened frame, 13" wheels
Mark 7 S31968-70350"modernized"
Mark 81954-5510first aero sports racer, usually Climax power
Mark 9195523shortened Mark 8 successor
Mark 10195572 litre Bristol version of Mark 8
Mark Eleven1956-58270definitive Climax sports racer
Type 121956-5912first single seater, initially F2, then F1
Type 13none0not issued, actually Eleven S2
Type 14 Elite1957-631050fibreglass monocoque production GT, usually Climax powered
Type 151958-6028Eleven successor but even smaller, 1.5-2.2 Climax FPFs
Type 161958-598second single seater, still front engined, F2 and F1
Type 171959231100cc or 750cc Climax sports racer by Len Terry, no match for Lola Mk1
Type 18 FJ1960125first mid-engined single seater, milestone car
Type 18 F1/2196031First F1 victory and Moss at Monaco
Type 191960-621918 derived big-bore, first mid-engined sports racer
Type 201961118Formula Junior successor to Type 18
Type 21196111Formula 1 Type 18 development
Type 22196277Formula Junior, then F3 model
Type 231962-66131definitive mid-engined sports racer giant killer
Type 24196215last spaceframe F1
Type 251962-657groundbreaking monocoque F1, Climax and BRM V8
Type 26 Elan S1/S21962-642053first production roadgoing convertible, twincam powered
Type 26R S1/S21962-6497specially produced racing Elan
Type 27196335monocoque formula-destroying Junior
Type 281963-661894The Lotus Cortina
Type 2919633first Indy car, Ford stock block
Type 301964-6533group 7 sports racer, Ford V8
Type 31196412+spaceframe F3 single seater
Type 32196412 + 1 32Bmonocoque F2 (SCA) and Tasman (FPF) monoposto
Type 331964-657follow-on to Type 25 F1 for wider rubber
Type 3419643second Indy car, four-cam Ford
Type 35196522F2/F3/FB monocoque, based on 27/32
Type 36 Elan Coupe1965-686550 (all S3/4)Elan Coupe
Type 3719651Seven Clubmans with IRS
Type 3819656-7Winning Len Terry Indy car, Ford 4 cam
Type 3919661modified Type 33 Tasman
Type 4019653"Lotus 30 with 10 more mistakes"
Type 411966-6861F3, F2(41B), FB(41C) spaceframe
Type 4219672Indy car built for BRM H16, ran with Ford V8
Type 431966-672H16 F1 cars, monocoque using stressed engine
Type 4419663F2 monocoque, based on 35 tub with 41 wide track corners
Type 45 Elan DHC1966-686550 (all S3/4)Elan Series 3/4 drophead
Type 46 Europa S1/S1A1966-1968300 S1, 350 s1AOriginal bonded chassis Renault Europa
Type 47196755racing version of Europa, twincam, rear tube chassis
Type 4819674Monocoque F2, FVA
Type 491967-7012Monocoque F1, DFV as stressed element, worldbeater
Type 50 Elan +21967-744600-5200family man Elan, twincam
Type 511967-69218first ever Formula Ford based on type 22/31
Type 5219681prototype Europa twincam, shelved
Type 5319680propsed Type 23 followup, not proceeded with
Type 54 Europa S21968-702750improved Renault Europa with detachable chassis
Type 5519681F3 "41X" wedge for Team Lotus
Type 56/56B19684/1Indy turbine car wedge/Turbine F1
Type 5719681F2 design study with DeDion
Type 5819681revised 57 for F1, DFV, tested and shelved
Type 591969-7044F2/F3/FB/FF highly successful spaceframe
Type 60 Seven S41970-73430-524much modified Seven with full fibreglass body
Type 611969-71248Formula Ford wedge evolution of type 51
Type 6219692tube-frame Europa sihouette racer with new 2 litre
Type 63196924 wheel drive F1 cars, DFV, problematic
Type 64196944 wheel drive turbo Ford Indy cars, never competed
Type 65 Europa S21970865Federalized S2 Renault Europa
Type 66none0type number never issued
Type 6719700proposed Tasman car, F5000s allowed so not built
Type 6819691F5000 prototype
Type 691970-7157F2/F3/FB/FF successful development of type 59
Type 7019707Formula A/5000 monocoque
Type 71none0not disclosed by Lotus
Type 721970-759landmark Formula 1 wedge, double championship
Type 7319722Formula 3 car developed by F1 team
Type 7419732Formula 2 car monocoque with Lotus 907 prototype
Type 74 Twincam Europa1971-754710all models of twincam Europa
Type 75 Elite1974-822820 to Spring '82Elite II luxury GT, Lotus 907 engine
Type 7619742Formula 1 unsuccessful replacement for type 72
Type 76 Eclat1975-821757 to Spring '82fastback version of Elite II
Type 7719763Formula 1 fully adjustable replacement for type 72/76
Type 781977-784Formula 1 pioneer of modern ground effects
Type 791978-795Formula 1 Andretti championship car
Type 79 Esprit S1/S21975-19802020normally aspirated first try at supercar
Type 8019792Formula 1 unsuccessful try at more ground effects
Type 811980-814Formula 1 produced no victories
Type 81 Sunbeam Talbot1980-812000?shoebox with Lotus engine, World rally winner
Type 82 Turbo Esprit1982-19846 to March '84the original Guigiaro shape turbo
Type 83 Elite S2/S2.21980-83153Series II Elite II also 2.2l S2.2
Type 84 Eclat S21980-82223Series II Eclat
Type 85 Esprit S31980417 to March '84Normally aspirated Esprit continuation
Type 8619801Formula 1 dual chassis test car, never raced
Type 8719815 (2 88s)Formula 1 first carbon car forced to front as type 88 banned
Type 8819812Formula 1 dual chassis car which was banned
Type 89 Excel1982-?354 to March '84rebadged and developed Eclat
Type 90none0unreleased Toyota Elan
Type 9119926Formula 1 lightened type 87 achieved 1 win
Type 9219832 (on 91 tubs)Formula 1 first active car, last Cosworth
Type 93T19832Formula 1 unsuccessful first turbo Renault car
Type 94T19833Formula 1 first Ducarouge car cobbled from 91 tubs
Type 95T19846?Formula 1 Renault turbo lacked power but good chassis
Type 9619841Indy car project abandoned due to CART rule change
Type 97T19853Formula 1 Renault turbo vehicle for Senna's first win
Type 98T19863Formula 1 gave Senna one win and eight poles with Renault
Type 99T19876Formula 1 Honda engine Senna 2 wins
Type 100T19884Formula 1 Honda, no success by Piquet or Nakajima
Type M100 Elan1989-??The front engined, front wheel drive drophead
Type 10119894Formula 1 with Honda gone used Judds, not great
Type 1021990?Formula 1 Lamborghini V12 says it all
Type 10319910Formula 1 designed but not produced
Type 104 Carlton/Omega1990?absurdly fast hot-up of family car
Type 10519925racing X180R IMSA Supercars Drivers Champ Doc Bundy
Type 106199220X180R roadgoing homolgation special
Type 1071992?Formula 1
Type 107b1993?Formula 1
Type 107c1994?Formula 1
Type 10819921prototype Olympic bicycle Gold Medal Barcelona
Type 1091994?Formula 1 last Lotus F1 car.
Type 109b1995?Formula 1 last Lotus F1 car, ZA5D Mugen
Type 110199??production version of type 108 bicycle
Type 111199??The Lotus Elise
Type 11219950Final partial F1 design, got as far as the monocoque buck
Type 113None0number not allocated
Type 1141996?Esprit V8
Type 1151996?Lotus GT1
This index has been put together from a variety of sources to whom we are grateful.
Special thanks to William Taylor, author of  The Lotus Book.
Please inform us of any errors or omissions via email inquiry@race-cars.com .
Lotus Listings Marque Type Refs

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