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Author: Brantekr   March 17, 2021 at 17:25:44  from   in reply to: ???? posted by Billiegex on November 14, 2020 at 10:16:02

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1. All posts must make an work for balance humor.

Humor is summary, But all posts must at least make an attempt for humor. As the minimum age for Reddit access is 13 years old, Posts which are blatantly disruptive, inane, Or nonsensical likely to be removed.

If your submission starts off with "as soon as" or perhaps even "immediately after" Or anything of an equivalent nature, It is prohibited here. Submissions depicting or containing on purpose emulated behaviors (memes) Are also prohibited, particularly memetic image macros, "crisies, Or things thereof. Non memetic image macros are permitted.

3. basically no reposts.

Reposts will be removed at the moderators' discernment. Serial <a href=https://www.bestbrides.net/dating-unlocked-understanding-east-european-women/>beautiful russian ladies</a> reposters is definitely banned. Please use KarmaDecay determine if something has been submitted before.

4. No do it yourself info, No hate voice, No being a nuisance.

No identifying marketing information, Including anything hosted on platforms making from the driver's actions public. Posts encouraging the harassment of everybody, fraction, city, Or subreddit is to be removed, And the submitter user may be banned. if that would help, A report will be made to the site managing. in agreement with Reddit policies, There is zero endurance for this.

5. No the government.

Anything involving politics or a politics figure (irrespective of context) is without question removed. Try /r/politicalhumor somewhat.

6. No not allowed titles. (See in the next paragraphs.)

No needing upvotes (in any form), no "torte Day" blogposts, And no posts to communicate with another Redditor. Posts with titles for instance "I got restricted from /r/___" or "This got removed from /r/___" Are banned. Emoji based titles, Memetic movies, And titles meant to defend against any other rules are also forbidden.

7. none of gore, sex sites, Or sexually graphic images.

take a crack at /r/NSFWfunny. all NSFW content must be tagged as such.

8. usually rehost or hotlink webcomics.

9. No footage of just text.

Image based submissions the location where the humor can be conveyed via text alone are not allowed. restricted to,consist of pictures of text with images that don add necessary context, Transcriptions of standup humourous (similarly to /r/standupshots), And screenshots of antics. Here are a few examples. Text posts using Reddit native system are allowed.

10. No SMS or social media written content (this sort of Reddit).

Social media content of any kind is not allowed. including anything from Reddit, twitter, Tumblr, fb, YouTube, TikTok, Or any type of "evaluations section" on dedicated websites, As well as content combined with text from those platforms. Images with SnapChat text added are allowed, given that all UI elements have been removed. Please view our wiki for information of where these submissions can be offered.

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