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Alfa Romeo C43 F1 Show Car

$ 28,000

1997 Mitsubishi Evo 5


Evo 5 Hilllcimb/track, championship winning car, class record breaker, professionally built by Read performance, ready for 2010 season, won south west hill climb championship 2010, runner up at 2012 and feature on British Hill climb championship poster as well as many mentions in startline magazine. Lots of photo/press cuttings available. Shell - Evo 5 striped full seam welded and strengthened. Roll cage- full custom cages international multi-point welded in cage FIA homalgated. Engine- 600BHP 2.3 ltr stroker engine, 2-3 co-ord stroker crankshaft, 100mm stroke K1 Tech H beam Con rods with ARP 2000 bolts, Wisceco 85.5 metre piston. ACL race line- crank shaft & big end bearings. ARP head stud kit & main Bearing kit, cosworth 1.5mm headgasket, cosworth timing belt and idler tensioner, Vernier pulleys, tubular gas flowed manifold & custom front pipe, garret TO4Z (roller bearing) turbo with custom fittings, custom hard pipe kit, tail 44mm external waste gate with sump pipe fabricated into exhaust. RC1000 cc injectors. Ferre value spring/retainers and beehive springs. Head port matched, skimmed & tested, modified rocker cover with extra-large breathers. Apexi D Jetre ECU Custom wiring loom Launch Control Boots gauge and pod@ 2bar (30psi_ when full load Cooling - bespoke ali rad. twin fans, oil cooler (intercooler) 2 stage shift light Battery and box in boot Fuel - Bespoke ali fuel tank, 3 gallon in boot, pump and pressure swirl pot tank, twin webasco pumps, braided through car fuel lines Clutch - tripper plate internal hydraulic centre (new/very sharp) Gearbox - Qauife 6 speed full sequential box, transfer box (toughened/new) Gearbox to transfer box shaft heavy duty (new) Geartronics flat shift system, with laptop and software for hear settings, large screen gear display. Diff - Cuzco bespoke diff, white line anti-roll bars, BC strut & circuit coil over suspension #, camber/castor height and stiffeners, rose jointed. Brakes - oversized front disc and 8 pot callipers, 4 pot rears, brake bias value. Exhaust - custom made straight through stainless steel, alongside prop & exiting through rear diffuser Aero-package ali flat floor, front splitter, custom front end, custom rear diffuser built into boot floor space, super lightweight plastic doors & windows, heated front screen, carbon boot with standard EVO 5 adjustable wing (all lifts off) Lightened bonnet. Cobra imola carbon seat, 6 point wilans harness, bespoke binnacle and clocks, bespoke wiring and fuse. plumped in extinguisher with 2 cockpit jets and 2 engine bay jets. To be sold with 5 super soft slicks, 4 intermediates & 4 wet tyres all on top quality alloys, all on good condition. Set of 54 spare drive shafts. Car has to be seen and driven to believe the power. (sub 10 sec quarter mile) all for £38000, would cost double to build today Ready to break records and win championships, 1 am retiring from competition, car only ever Hill climbed, never on a circuit, unlike my previous EVO this one has never had a incident in anyway. Also Available at additional cost. Bespoke trailer with electric winch, double tyre rack, barn side doors, spare wheels, rear door, automatic ramps, quick to use ratchet tyedown (purpose built for this EVO) will need large 4x4 to tow it.

  • History: 2010 South West Hill Climb Championship winner Class record holder, numerous class records. 2012 South west Hill Climb Championship runner up, more class records. Car featured on British Hill climb championship poster, many other press cuttings and photos. Many hill climb programme photos and articles. Lots of mentions in startline racing magazine.
  • Recent Competition History: Gurston Down Hillclimb CHampionship 2010, runner up 2012, Class record holder, 30+ class record wins. Logett Cup winner, wadham stringer hillclimb trophy,
  • Class: Mod. 2ltr prod. sal
  • Weight: 2447 lbs
  • Track: Gurston Down Hillclimb
  • Engine Builder: Read Performance
  • Engine Manufacturer: Mitsubishi
  • Engine Type: Saloon
  • Displacement: 2.3ltr
  • Horsepower: 600bhp
  • Torque: 540lbs ft torque
  • Induction: 1000cc injectors bespoke manifold
  • Heads: ported
  • Block: stroker
  • Crankshaft: 2-3 cor-ord stroker
  • Connecting Rods: K1 tech H beam APR 2000 volts
  • Pistons: Wisceo 85.5mm piston
  • Valve Train: Ferrea value spring retainers & beehive srpings
  • Clutch: tripple plate
  • Flywheel: lightweight
  • Exhaust: besopke stainless
  • Total Time: max. 6 hours
  • Races: 8 hillclimb events
  • Fuel Cell
  • Manufacturer: read performance
  • Age: 6 years
  • Capacity: 3 gallons
  • Fuel Pump: Custom twin pumps, bespoke tank, swirl p
  • Fuel Type: 97.5 standard pump fuel (Petrol)
  • Radiator: bespoke alloy
  • Water Rad Location: front
  • Water Pump: standard
  • Oil Cooler: bespoke alloy
  • Oil Cooler Location: front
  • Ignition: Bespoke
  • Alternator: Standard
  • Battery: in rear
  • Logger: Apexi D-Jetre ECU with 4 bar map Sensor
  • Transmission Manufacturer: Quaife
  • Type: sequential
  • Gears: 6 speed
  • Shifter: geartronics flat shift system
  • Rear End Manufacturer: Cusco dif
  • Construction: alloy front wings, bonnett, bespoke front end, carbon boot(removable),plastic doors/windows
  • Color: White with red-stripes
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Chassis Type: striped and seam welded, international cage welded in
  • Finish: excellent
  • Condition: excellent
  • Front Suspension: Bc Strut, coil over, camber/caster/ride height & stiffeners, rose jointed excellent con
  • Rear Suspension: same as front
  • Shocks: BC strut 2012
  • Brakes: Oversized front disc 8 pot calipers, rear 6 pot
  • Wheels: 3 sets alloys
  • Tires: set 5 Avon slicks, set 4 inters, set 4 wets all good con.
  • Interior Color/Finish: white
  • Material: stripped inside
  • Fire System: plumped in extingusher, 2 nozzles cockpit, 2 engine bay
  • Restraints: Willans 6 point harness
  • Gauges: oil, temp, charge, rev counter
  • Steering Wheel: removable
  • Condition: excellent
  • Spare Part: set 4 inters wheels and tyres
  • Spare Part: set 4 wets, wheels and tyres
  • Spare Part: full set 4 driveshafts
  • Spare Part: Laptop loaded with sotware for gear settings
  • Spare Part: timing belt


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  Mike Walters
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+1 737 241 3999
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