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1961 Abarth 1000 Record Monza Bialbero Competition Roller - SOLD

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An unrestored "barn find" from Mexico City, according to the owner this car could be one of the first prototypes of the 1000 Record Monza, produced by the legendary Carlo Abarth, because the air scoops are located on either side of the engine bay, not in the rear center like the later production cars. The car is incomplete, less engine, gearbox, radiator, seats, windows and many other items. However, the all alluminum Abarth body is complete and parts of it have been restored. The car has an interesting race history in Mexico detailed below. The owner has the original factory invoice from Abarth.


The car was imported to Mexico for the 1961 race season. First driven by Umberto Maglioli in the Independencia Races he took a first in class and a third overall following a Ferrari and a Porsche! The car also ran in the Costa a Costa, a race from the West to East coast of Mexico and some other important races in Mexico.

Competition History

First in class, third overall Independencia Races, Mexico City 1961 driven by Umberto Magliol
  • No engine
Fuel System

  • Abarth original large racing tank
Oil/Water System

  • missing

  • no transmission

  • original aluminum Abarth bodywork
  • partially restored
  • some emblems, trim, front grille, misc parts with car

  • front axles with car
  • missing
  • Girling discs

  • original instruments

  • 1500 Fiat engine
  • 750 Fiat block
  • some new Abarth parts