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1969 Alexis Mk 15 Formula Ford - SOLD

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The Alexis Marque is not well known in the U.S. but the firm produced front running
Formula Juniors and then Formula Fords throughout the Sixties and early Seventies.
When a teenage James Hunt decided to become World Champion he chose an Alexis Mk15
for his first racecar. The Mk15 is an evolution of the Mk14, which in turn was based,
like many early Fords, on the firm's F3 car, the Mk9. The Alexis concern, formed by
50s specials builder Alex Francis and Australian engineer Bill Harris, neatly upstaged
Lotus at the dawn of Formula Ford, capturing the first volume order for cars from the
Russell Racing School. The Mk14 thus became the second ever Formula Ford design,
right after the Lotus 51. Alexis Cars were imported into the U.S. by Fred Opert.



Competition History

SCCA Club Ford last raced 8 years ago


  • Ford "Kent" 1600 crossflow (Cortina)
  • dry sumped
  • 681 block
  • Cortina carb and manifold

  • Glassfibre integral cowling and nose, undertray, tail cover

  • mild steel tubular spaceframe, primarily round tube
  • dual wishbones, coil over Armstrong knob-adjustable dampers
  • reversed lower wishbone, top link, dual trailing arms, armstrong knob adjustable coil over dampsrs

  • rack and pinion
  • disc, Girling calipers
  • steel, Lotus Cortina 5-1/2 J x 13

  • Smiths Water temp and oil pressure guages
  • Lucas elec. tach
  • seat cover