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1971 Crossle 20F Formula Ford - SOLD

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Restored in August of 1998, it has had 2 races since then. All the work done on this car was performed
by Steve Wulff of Performance Development Racing. This car is considered very race ready.


This car was a Mid West SCCA car from the late seventies through the mid eighties. At this time this is all the
history we have on this car.

Competition History

It competed in the last Steamboat Springs street race in september of 1998.


  • Ford 1600cc
  • custom exhaust system
  • built by Steve Wulff
Fuel System

  • new fuel cell 9/98
Oil/Water System

  • front water rad
  • oil cooler
Electrical System

  • new ignition system and battery

  • fibreglass
  • Red

  • spaceframe
  • Koni?
  • double wishbone, coilover
  • lower reversed wishbone, dual trailing rods, coilover
  • rack and pinion
  • disc
  • New Revolution wheels with one race old Avons
  • tbd

  • 6 point harness, fire system
  • removable steering wheel

  • available at an additional cost are; set of Revolution rims with new Dunlops
  • 10 extra gear sets, mirrors and various other parts