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1979 Crossle 35F Formula Ford - SOLD

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This perfect, concours Club Ford has just been completely restored. The frame-off restoration
renewed every component on the car and it looks perfect.


Ireland's Crossle Cars have been producing sturdy, safe, and easy to work on cars since the early 60s.
Rarely revolutionary, the cars have been favored by schools and competitors alike. Imported in the
US by Skip Barber in the 70s, Crossle, Lola, and Van Diemen competed head-to-head for the large US
Market. The '77-'78 32F and '79 35F were undoubtedly the most significant cars in that market during
the later part of that decade. One of many manufacturers who lost market share in the mid eighties due
to the Swift, the firm survives today doing a booming spares business for the 30-series and earlier cars,
much favored by Club and Vintage Ford competitors.

Competition History

unraced since restoration


  • Ford "Kent" 1600 crossflow
  • Uprated
  • dry sumped
  • Bosch ignition
  • Weber Downdraft
  • Standard Crossle headers
  • Standard Borg & Beck clutch
  • built by the owner, a 6-time regional champion
  • 0 miles since complete rebuild
Fuel System

  • new fuel cell
  • standard FF mechanical pump
  • 5 gal.
Oil/Water System

  • front Crossle water rad
  • oil cooler rear left behind oil tank
Electrical System

  • new battery

  • fibreglass, excellent condition
  • painted red enamel

  • mutitubular space fram in excellent condition
  • painted in gray enamel
  • Armstrong
  • dual wishbone, coil over, chromed
  • top link, lower reversed wishbone, dual trailing rod, chromed
  • rack and pinion, rebuild July 1998
  • Lockheed, rebuild July 1998
  • Revolution, polished aluminum and black enamel, McCreary 13x5.5 slicks

  • new Halon system
  • New 5 point harness
  • Original Crossle wheel

  • nose
  • gear set
  • wheels