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1965 Elva Courier Mk IV - SOLD

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Race ready car, but some minor adjustments including a (driveshaft overhaul) would be neccesary.


The car was imported to Sweden as one of three L.H.D. Mk IV T. The car was built for club racing in 1965. The car was raced until 1972 when full restoration began. Estimated cost of 25.000 USD. A few races were completed in club and historic racing in the early 90´s. Victories in at least half of them. The car has been owned and maintained by a race shop (Elwa Motors) since the seventies. Engine
  • MGB
  • 1880 cc
  • 150 bhp
  • Weber 48 DHLA on a Maniflow inlet
  • Janspeed special big bore exhaust
  • full race specification
Fuel System

Oil/Water System

  • special thick radiator air ducts
  • Oilcooler
Electrical System

  • Lucas 230 with points

  • Lucas 230 with points
Rear End

  • MGB new 43/10 with new Quaife L.S.D. in alloy casing

  • Fiberglass
  • racing Green
  • fair condition

  • original
  • A-arms
  • independent (I.R.S)
  • Leda
  • front discs, rear drum
  • Triumph rack & pinion
  • Alloy 100+, 14

  • single seat
  • fire system
  • safety belt
  • clean interior instruments

  • Special made hard top
  • original windshield