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Alfa Romeo C43 F1 Show Car


1962 Elva 300 Formula Junior - SOLD

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This ex-works Chris Ashmore car once driven by Bernie Ecclestone and owned by John Streets. One of six made, 4 surviving and the only one
racing worldwide. The car is mint with bills for over $100,000.


Lots of history documentation including original build sheet from factory and documents form designer Keith Madsen - who is alive and well.
Letter from Bernie Ecclestone. The car was recently reunited with Chris Ashmore who came to see it at Monaco.

Competition History

Monaco 2002, Goodwood Revival 2001 & HSCC Championship Class winner 2001.


  • newly built 998cc Richardson Holbay
  • 103bhp
Fuel System

  • fuel cell
Oil/Water System

  • recently dry sumped
  • new oil cooler & all Aeroquip hoses
  • water radiator
Electrical System

  • points & condenser total loss

  • fiberglass
  • painted blue w/silver accents

  • tubular spaceframe
  • adjustable, all new
  • double wishbone w/coilovers
  • single wishbone w/trailing arms, coilover
  • rack & pinion
  • drums, rear are original, fronts newly made Alfin type w/circumferential fins
  • Elva Magnesium wheels
  • tbd

  • new instruments
  • new safety harness
  • plumbed in fire system, new

  • tailor made cover
  • two original wheels & tyres
  • full set of uprights & arms, front & rear
  • spare fuel tank