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1959 Elva MK1 Formula Junior - SOLD

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This is a complete but unrestored car. It was at one point street registered by an owner in New Hampshire (US).


The Elva MK1 was the first British car to start in the first UK Formula Junior event in April, 1959. It
was the first British Car to win an International Race as well as the first mass produced British car. It won the famous
Brands Boxing Day event in 1959. This model, driven by Charlie Kolb, won the 1960 American Formula Junior Championship.

Competition History



  • BMC 998
Fuel System

  • tbd
Oil/Water System

  • front water rad
Electrical System

  • total loss

  • Original glass body, poor condition

  • Multi-tubular space frame
  • tbd
  • Independent by upper wishbones, coil spring/dampers units and lower single arms
    connected by anti-roll bar
  • Independent by upper wishbones, coil spring/dampers units, lower single arms
    , fixed length driveshafts and trailing radius arms
  • Rack and pinion
  • Lockheed 10 inch drums, inboard at rear
  • Steel disc 15 inch bolt-on
  • tbd

  • tbd

  • None