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Lola T-332 Can-Am - SOLD

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This is a very competitive well set up Can-Am car, originally a Formula 5000 back up team car (1 of 5) owned by Evan Noye and driven by Randy
Cunningham. At the Can-Am reunion this fabulous car ran the same times as Bruce McCaws $300,000 McLaren M8D driven by Maricio Gulgleman.


This car was originally a Formula 5000 back up team car owned by Evan Noye.

Competition History

Recent times include: thunder Hill 1:52.2, Laguna Seca 1:33.68, Willow Springs 1:19.8.


  • 350 C.I. Chevy "built by Steve Jennings"
  • dyno tested at 500 H.P./500 ft. lbs @ 5000 RPM & 620 H.P. @ 7100
  • Lucas injection w/lengthened stacks
Fuel System

  • fuel cell
Oil/Water System

  • dry sumped
  • water rads
Electrical System

  • Vertex magneto

  • fiberglass
  • red paint

  • monocoque
  • Aldan double adj. aluminum shocks
  • rack & pinion
  • Stewart LC/SB brake recirculating/cooling system, four AP Lockheed front calipers/two rear calipers
  • 1 set original Lola w/Avons, 1 set aluminum wheels w/Avons
  • tbd

  • all gauges
  • fire system
  • safety harness

  • new set Porterfield rotors
  • one original Lola wheel center
  • springs
  • gears
  • over center jack w/high/low stands