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1974 Lola T360 Formula Atlantic - SOLD

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Fully restored with fresh engine and gearbox. Needs fluids,
a spanner check and wheel alignment to go racing.


1974; Three appearances in Australian F2 championships
Drivers Graham Lawrence, Kevin Bartlett, Chris Farrell.
1975; Several F2 races in 75 and 76 with Doug Macarther.
(For these events the car had been fitted with a Hart twin
cam, being the Australian F2 class at that time.)
1976; Andrew Miedecke purchased the car, put it back to
original BDD spec and ran the Stuyvesant Formula Atlantic
series in N.Z. Car was up there against drivers like Rosberg,
Rahl and other Fred Opert cars.
Little happened until 1989 when I purchased car with John
Smith.1989 ran Australian Historic major race Oran Park with
pole and a win.

Competition History

not run since restoration


  • Cosworth BDD Big Valve 1598 cc.
  • Steve Weissner prepared
  • Dyno run only (nil racing miles)
  • New: crank, bearings big end bolts valve springs, some valves
  • other genuine parts including Cosworth sump.
  • B&B Twin plate 7.25in sintered clutch
  • Bore: standard
  • Head: plenty of meat left.
  • Fresh engine ready for long historic campaign
Fuel System

  • Twin bladder tanks in side pods
  • Original and have been removed and inspected OK.
Oil/Water System

  • Dry sump with oil cooler
  • Front mounted radiator (new core)
Electrical System

  • Electronic Ignition
  • electronic rev limiter
  • Toyota gear-reduction starter motor

  • Fibreglass, bright red. All body molds available in Australia.

  • Monocoque aluminum. Condition excellent. Underbody has several scrapes. no tears or bad dents.
  • F: Armstrong 22231 No4 R: Armstrong 22244 No5
  • Double wishbone, coil spring
  • Bottom wish bone, top link, radius arm, coil spring.
  • Rack & pinion.
  • F: 10.25in x 13/16 Vent Grooved Disc. twin pot calipers 1 3/8"
    R: 10.25in x 3/8 solid grooved disc. Single pot calipers 2"
  • Lola composite, F 13 x 10 R 13 x 14 (Standard Atlantic) x 8 off
    1 set unused Avons, 1 set Goodyear 50% 1 set unused wets.

  • 6 point harness
  • fire extinguisher(Fire eater)
  • Original smiths instruments
  • Original steering wheel.


  • 4 wheels
  • rear upright
  • nose
  • springs
  • Body molds available in Australia