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1976 Lola T-460 Formula Atlantic Roller - SOLD

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This Lola Atlantic has seen very little use since new. Rescued from storage 4 years ago, it
had only done 5 career races. The car was gone through and sold to the current owner, who has done
3 races in each of the last two years in the Formula 70 series. This places the car's career race
total at 11 races, and it looks it. The tub has been polished and is virtually new. Even the underside
of the tub is unmarked, looking as if it has never been curbed. The car came to our facility as a
runner but the owner elected to keep the BDD. It is otherwise complete with full fitting kit, plumbing,
exhaust system, and starter. Literally install an engine and it will be race ready. Since coming out
of retirement the car has been professionally prepared.


An incremental development of the T-360 Atlantic design, the car was used to good effect in the
US Atlantic series by the likes of Bertil Roos, Tom Klauser, and Hector Rebaque who drove for Carl Haas.
1976 was a year in which the series was dominated by Gilles Villeneuve in a March, with Klauser 2nd
multiple times. March inherited some of the credit for the Championship which was probably due mostly
to the efforts of Gilles. The Lola remains an eminently competitive car for the Formula 70 series.

Competition History

6 Formula 70 events in the last 2 years.


  • none
  • complete fitting kit comes with car
  • exhaust system
Fuel System

  • fuel cell
  • electric pump
  • filter
Oil/Water System

  • oil cooler and tank
  • all oil lines aeroquipped and lcomplete with car
  • aluminum front rad
Electrical System

  • Hawker 30 battery
  • starter

  • fibreglass nose, ccockpit cowling, engine cover
  • alloy rear wing on fibreglass shrouded fabricated steel centre post
  • painted blue with silver stripe, rear main plane and tub polished aluminum

  • aluminum monocoque
  • Konis, rebuilt by Truechoice
  • upper a-arm, lower wishbone, coil over
  • top link, lower reverse wishbone, dual trailing rod, coil over
  • proprietary rack, trailing steering arms
  • Lookheed 4 pot, leading front, inboard rear, vented rotors f/r
  • centre lock modular

  • original Smiths w/t, split oil t/p
  • Jones mechanical tach
  • Willans Silverstone six belts (3")
  • fire system
  • very nice interior upholstery/seat cushion/head rest

  • nose