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1978 Lola T-620 Formula Super Vee - SOLD

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A total mechanical and cosmetic restoration on a car with only 9 races total, the quality of
work on the car is impeccable. In storage since
1981, the car has only had three owners. With only 30 minutes testing time it is absolutely race ready.
The car is Monoposto Formula 70 registered and after-sale advice and support is available. Experience
Formula Atlantic speed for Formula Ford prices.


Originally run by Syd Dymovsky in the Pro Super Vee series. Sold to 2nd owner who stored
the car since 1981.

Competition History

none, 30 minutes test time since restoration


  • 1600cc. water cooled VW
  • 45 DCOE Webers
  • 13:1 compression
  • 7 1/4" racing clutch
  • 30 minutes test time only
Fuel System

  • twin fuel cells in sides of tub, one new, one with new foam
  • Bendix style pump
  • Holley pressure regulater
  • all fuel lines aeroquipped
Oil/Water System

  • front water rad
  • oil cooler side of tub
  • all lines aeroquipped
Electrical System

  • breakerless ignition system
  • racing battery
  • booster plug

  • single piece glassfibre cowling/engine cover, nose, rear wing
  • Viper yellow with Viper red accent in PPG urethane

  • aluminium monocoque with new nickel pating on all brackets, bucked rivets as per factory
  • Monroe double adjustables, dynoed
  • double a-arm, all new plating
  • parallel links, all new plating
  • Lola alloy rack and pinion
  • Volkswagen Type 3 calipers all around, bedal bias adjuster, Girling masters, all rebuilt to as new
  • Lola factory magnesium wheels in black, 6" fronts, 8" rears
  • class minimum is 926 lb, car approx. 940 lb.

  • electrical Halon fire system
  • quick release steering wheel
  • new 6 point red Willan harness with 3" shoulder straps
  • electronic tach with memory telltale

  • 3 spare wheels