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1975 Chevron B29 Formula 2 - SOLD

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A documented B29 F2, this car was last raced in 1985 as a C Sports Racer. Apparently
the conversion was sympathetic to the original car and the tub appears to be unmolested. Furthermore,
the original bodywork was retained. The car requires a full resoration but is complete to the
point of having spares. The FT case looks undamaged and all four uprights appear to be in good
shape with no signs of repair. A BDA bare head and short block come with the car.


Chevron had a relatively low presence in F2 in 1975, concentrating their efforts in Formula
Atlantic. They were just pipped by Tony Brise in a Modus and had Jim Crawford had proper funding
they would almost certainly won. Gunnar Nilsson took a string of 4 straight wins at season's end.
In North America Bill Brack won the Players Atlantic series for the second year running in his B29.

Competition History

Unraced since 1985, has SCCA logbook


  • BDA components
  • approx 60% of a complete engine
  • block and some bottom end components
Fuel System

  • original cells appear to be in place
Oil/Water System

  • front rad
Electrical System

  • loom still in place

  • fibreglass, multi-part
  • correct sports car nose, cowling, engine cover, rear wing strut and wing

  • aluminum monocoque
  • Bilsteins
  • top link, trailing arm, lower wishbone
  • top link, lower a arm, dual trailing links,
  • proprietary rack
  • 4 wheels disks, inboard at rear
  • Chevron magnesium

  • complete original? dash and guages

  • second set Chevron wheels
  • alternate downforce nose