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Alfa Romeo C43 F1 Show Car


1976 Chevron B34 Formula 3 Chassis - SOLD

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Rescued from a past life as a sports racer, the tub has been unmolested save for a non-original
dash hoop which has been removed. The apparently complete 1300 BDH may not have a clutch installed as
there is one on the side but this may be a spare as there are also some BD engine parts. Complete
except for a rear wing and guages the car could be on the track without too much effort. A new fuel
cell has already been installed, a new rad is still in the box. Two noses and splitters come with the
car and there is a second set of wheels.


SCCA regional sports racer.

Competition History



  • Cosworth 1300 BDH
  • condition unknown
  • believed complete and runnable
Fuel System

  • new fuel cell installed
Oil/Water System

  • new water rad

  • two different style noses with splitters
  • cockpit cowling and tail cover

  • aluminum monocoque
  • double a arm, coil over
  • upper and lower links, dual trailing arms
  • proprietary rack

  • 8s and 10s

  • needs new instrument hoop and guages

  • some wheels
  • 2 noses
  • some engine parts
  • clutch?