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Alfa Romeo C43 F1 Show Car


1969 Chevy Corvette Convertible B-Production Vintage Racer - SOLD

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This car had been converted back to street use, driven on the street for three years and is now in the possession of the last racer. The current owner is refurbishing the car for race use.


This car began racing in 1975 as a slolom race car. It was brought into California and brought up to Solo I standards with the help of Richard Gulfstrand technology. It was then sold to a gentleman in San Diego who took the car one step further and ran the car in SCCA, GT-1 competition. It has movie footage of it in competition at Willow Springs. It was then sold to a gentleman who put it on the street with a big block and drag raced it some until he passed away. It was then sold at the Pomona swap meet as a basket case to a gentleman in Canoga California, who then advertised the car and sold it to the current owner. The current owner refurbished the car in 1988 and ran it in SCCA Solo I, II, and slolom races. the car was sold to a friend who put it back on the street. The car is now again being refurbished for race use. One of the more interesting things about the car is that it was used in a pornographic movie something along the lines of Mad Max.

Competition History

Performance Data

  • 3300 lbs
  • sbc
  • 355
  • about 550 Hp
Fuel System

  • approx. 20 gal
  • Holley electric fuel pump
Oil/Water System

  • stock radiator
  • stock location
  • engine oil cooler
  • front of radiator
Electrical System

  • MSD points, dist, alt

  • Muncie M21
  • Hurst shifter
  • rebuilt w/new gears & synchros
Rear End

  • Posi rear
  • 3.70 gear
  • excellent condition

  • fiberglass body, stock w/factory rivet on L-88 flares
  • car was red now in primer

  • reinforced stock frame w/main hoop, rear braces, forward braces, and forward through firewall
  • standard w/steel bushings
  • standard w/hiem jointed rod ends, 9 leaf rear spring, heavy duty
  • Koni adj.
  • L-88 dual pin front, single pin rear
  • stock steering column/box, quick steer
  • 10

  • striped of all ammenities except factory dash
  • no door glass, no door panels fiberglass floor
  • 5 Lb. Halon system
  • 5 pt. harness, fiberglass bucket seat
  • SU gauges

  • none