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1957 Elva Mk3 Climax Sports Racer - SOLD

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The car is to original specification. It has recently been repainted, reupholstered, and the
chassis painted. Mechanically OK, it was not fully mechanically restored. The car drives well with
no engine or transmission noises.


Sold by Elva October 1957

Competition History

no recent competition history aside from sprints and demonstration runs


  • Coventry Climax FWA 1220 cc.
  • twin 40 DCOE Webers (rare original sand cast type)
  • extractor exhaust
  • wet sump with internal pump
Fuel System

  • original Elva cylindrical tank
  • electric fuel pump
Oil/Water System

  • original style cooler and filter
  • original front water rad
Electrical System

  • original period distributor and coil
  • new battery
  • recently rewired

  • aluminium original body panels and undertray
  • cream paint with green stripes, very good condition

  • original Elva spaceframe, recently repainted
  • original style piston type (inside coil springs), non adjustable
  • standard early Mk3 tubular lower wishbones with Triumph Herald type upper wishbones (original). painted finish
  • De Dion with trailing arms and chassis mounted diff, all original
  • Elva alloy rack and pinion
  • 10" Alfin finned alloy front, 9" rear, twin masters
  • 15" wire wheels, silver gray

  • two black upholstered bucket seats, as new
  • black vinyl covered dash
  • some instruments original
  • leather-bound alloy spoke steering wheel

  • none