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Alfa Romeo C43 F1 Show Car


1964 Elva Mk VI Twincam - SOLD

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This car was restored four years ago by the owner and has raced only 12 times since. The restoration was
a total frame-off, nut and bolt restoration. The car has been professionally maintained since.


The Elva name is a corruption of 'elle va' meaning 'she goes' and, from a very small start,
Elva was later to be seen on nearly one thousand racing, sports racing and road going cars.
The MK VI is a fine example of the Elva racing heritage. Elva cars evolved using engines ranging from the Elva
modified Ford side valve, through Climax, Ford DOHC, BMC, DKW, MGA, Porsche, and BMW, to
the big V8 McLaren-Elva cars in just ten years.

Competition History

Not run since Lime Rock Park, 1995-96


  • Lotus twincam
  • Fresh - Tom Crother built
  • All steel
  • Carillo
  • 1600 cc
  • dry sumped
Fuel System

  • Fuel Cell
  • Electric pump
Oil/Water System

  • Front radiator
  • Oil cooler
  • Aeroquip oil lines
Electrical System

  • Total loss

  • Fibreglass, removable tail cover

  • Steel spaceframe
  • Carrera
  • doubel wishbone
  • top link, lower reversed a-arms, dual trailing rods
  • Rack and pinion
  • Wilwood four pot disk
  • Elva cast alloys
  • tbd

  • Full original instruments
  • safety harness

  • New Body
  • Two wheels
  • Wishbones