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1952 Ferrari 340/342 0234AL - SOLD

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Built by Ferrari for King Leopold of Belgium using a type 375/F1 4.5 litre Lampredi "big block" engine. This is the second of six type 342's and
actually carries the designation type 340/342.
The car is remarkably complete and unrestored. The car has been in storage for 30 years and is need of a sympathetic restoration and mechanical rebuild.
The engine has been turned over frequently by the owner and turns freely. The car has an auxiliary
fuel tank as fitted by King Leopond due to the scarcity of gas stations in Belgium at the time.
The bodywork has some rust bubbling through the paintwork and some rust damage is visible around the wheel arches.
The leather interior is faded and worn but with no significant damage. The instruments are complete and original.
The interior possess rear fold-down jump seats. The car also still carries the original tool set.


Built by Ferrari for King Leopold of Belgium.
The car was brought to the US in the late fifties by Luigi Chinetti and has had
two other owners in the US prior to the current owner who has had it for the last 36 years.
The car is described in/

  • Lampredi Type 375/F1 60 degree V212 1951(late) specification
  • Bore/Stroke 88mm. x 75mm.
  • Displacement 4.49l.
  • Peak PRM 7500
  • Compression Ration 12:1
  • Bhp 380
  • roller rockers, polished rods

  • Pinin Farina coachbuilt steel

  • Ladder frame, oval tube based on lengthened type 375MM
  • Front Suspension: double a-arm transverse leaf spring
  • Rear Suspension: leaf sprung live axle
  • Brakes: drum all around
  • Wheels: Borrani 72 spoke