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1971 Lola T212 - SOLD

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A beautiful example of the Lola 2 litre sports racer. These cars are known as the most competitive
non-winged 2 litre sports racers. In 1971 these cars blew the B19's away!


Sold to a Belgian customer in 1971 via Jo Bonnier Automobiles in Switzerland, the car was reputedly
crashed and badly damaged in the mid 70's. Research is still being done on the history of this time
period. The car was found by Ian Webb of Northdown Racing in 1982 and rebuilt with reskinned tub
prior to sale to Richard Eyre a well known english historic racer. From here the car was sold to
John Foulston. John Foulston purchased the car in 1986 for use by his wife Mary. To accomodate her
driving a 1700 BDA was fitted rather than a FVC or BDG to make the car easier to drive.
The car was sold by Nicola Foulston to M. Defornay of Belgium in 1989, He never ran the car as the
seat and belts are still set for Mrs Foulston. The car is now with it's current owner in England.

Competition History



  • 1700 cc BDA
  • Weber DCOE 48mm carbs
  • dry sumped
Fuel System

  • Bag tank
  • Electric fuel pump
Oil/Water System

  • Front Water Radiator
Electrical System

  • Lucas electronic ignition

  • Fibreglass, nose, tail cover, doors, alloy sils

  • aluminum monocoque
  • Original Armstrong
  • double wishbonecoil over
  • top link, lower reversed wishbone, dual trailing rods, coil over
  • proprietary rack
  • Original 2 pot Girling AR's
  • 10 and 13 inch original Lola composite Magnesium for slicks
  • tbd

  • Original seat
  • Set up for smallish person bigger seat will fit up to 6'3" driver

  • Extra set of doors
  • Gotti composite wheels for wets