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1974 Lola T-322 Formula Super Vee - SOLD

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A totally original, unrestored and unmolested example with only 27 career races and a few
autocrosses. The car has a continuous history including pro races driven by Johnny Parsons in the
USAC series. The car has extensive spares including a pro-built engine and is very reasonably
priced. It is certainly the least expensive way we know to go Formula 70 racing.


purchased by Tom Deth, a power boat racer who wanted to get into Indy racing. He crashed his first
car, the sister car to ours, at Milwaukee. It was a very bad crash (he hit so hard he burst the seams
on his driving suit) and destroyed the car except for the suspension on the left side and some other
miscellaneous pieces. We have these pieces as our spares.

Competition History

Only some autocrossing and touring class


  • Porsche 914 Type 4
  • mild cam
  • 100 mm pistons and barrels
  • modified head
  • 11.5:1 compression ratio
  • 48 IDF Webers
  • approx 130 HP @5000 rpm (very torquey)
  • only 12 laps on complete rebuild but needs rings
  • original Bertils 150HP engine with spares
Fuel System

  • original cell
  • dual fuel pumps
  • 8 gal.
Oil/Water System

  • air-cooled engine
  • dual oil coolers
Electrical System

  • Bosch distributor w/ rev limiter

  • red fibreglass nose, cockpit cowl, tail cover
  • painted alloy wings

  • aluminum monocoque, excellent condition
  • tbd
  • dual a-arm, nickel plated, excellent condition
  • top link, dual trailing rod, nickel, excellent condition
  • rack and pinion
  • 4 wheel disk
  • correct original ATS wheels, 13x6, 13x8, polished, mounted slicks

  • electrically actuated fire system
  • 5 point belts
  • original instruments
  • correct Lola steering wheel

  • second set original ATS wheels mounted rains
  • two spare engines

    • Bertils 1600cc, 150 Hp, Solex 40 P II carbs and manifolds
    • short block, very high compression pistons/barrels, highly ported heads, misc parts

  • complete left side suspension and brakes less upright
  • front spindles
  • misc suspension pieces
  • ring gear and diff
  • new starter in box
  • extra distributors
  • two complete half shafts
  • two shocks with springs
  • boxes of bits and pieces
  • two sports car noses
  • two engine covers, original 1974 duck tail and late 1974 long tail
  • later Lola side pods