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1976 Lola T-342 Formula Super Vee - SOLD

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A very competitive and affordable air-cooled Super Vee, it offers a competition pedigree at an
"everyracer" price. The car featured prominently in National competition for over three years.
The engine was completely rebuilt in 1997. It is accompanied by a generous selection of spares


This Formula Super Vee had a string of wins and places in the late 1970's and eary 80's, winning The
Bosch VW Gold Cup,
driven by David Hansen in 1977. It was driven to second place finishes by Thomas Grunnah at the 1979 National
Runoffs and by Phil Rosette at the 1980 National Runoffs. Rosette finished third in National Points
standing in Formula C in 1981.

Competition History

The car set the Formula Continental class record at the Chimney Rock Hill Climb in 1995.


  • VW 1600cc, air cooled
  • Bertils heads
  • New cam and pistons
  • Total Seal rings
  • 212 mm competition clutch
  • complete engine rebuild 1997 - run in time only
Oil/Water System

  • Oberg oil filter
  • Dry sump oil pump
  • steel braided lines throughout
Electrical System

  • New gel battery

  • fibreglass, nose, cockpit cowling, and engine cover, alternate sports car nose

  • Monocoque
  • tbd
  • double wishbone, coil over
  • top link, lower reversed wishbone, dual trailing rods, coil over
  • Rack and Pinion
  • New all master cylinders and carbon brake pads
  • modular, Panasport style
  • tbd

  • Halon System
  • '95 Cam lock belts

  • 12 wheels (one set with mounted rains)
  • 2 nose molds, one wedge and one sports car style
  • One spare set of front and rear springs
  • 14 gear ratios
  • used dry sump pump
  • 2 heads
  • engine case
  • crankshaft
  • 1 set polished rods
  • header system
  • valve trains parts (valves, rockers, springs, lisfters, etc.)
  • pistons
  • low end power camshaft
  • distributor
  • flywheel and clutch
  • Weber air horns and jets