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$ 164,000

1984 Argo JM16 chassis 102 GTP race car for sale


1984 Argo JM16 chassis 102 GTP race car for sale

PRICED NOW FOR SUMMER SALE.  READY TO GO WITH FRESH ENGINE AND MANY SPARES.  Email me at for extensive additional infomation- racing history, more car photos, spares/accessories photos, specs, schematics, systems diagrams, ACCEL tuning software, interview with Charles Morgan-original owner, story of Jo Marquart-Argo builder.

Flyby at Gingerman Raceway in Michigan

Historic video of JM16-102 at 1985 Charlotte Camel GT with lap narration by driver Bill Alsup and sports announcer Dave Despain.

Selling the Argo to fund fabrication of a Ford GT40. MAKE AN OFFER

Major $42K+ restoration 2018-2024.The car comes with a tremendous amount of spare parts and accessories, historical car information, schematics, instructions, systems diagrams, documentation, receipts, etc

A unique opportunity to own and drive a real GTP/Camel Lights racecar with history from the pinnacle era of sportscar racing.  Chassis 102 ran 10 Camel GTP races in 1984-85 with best GTP finish 4th.  It was then converted to a Camel Lights spec and did 10 more races through 1985 finishing 1st at Watkins Glen and 1st at Laguna Seca. The car was driven by Charles Morgan, Bill Alsup, Whitney Ganz and later owned by HANS device co-developer and Argo Camel Lights champion Jim Downing. Go vintage racing with this historic machine or just be a cool cat at weekend track days.  The cockpit fits my 6’1” 180# frame.  

This Argo JM16 chassis 102 GTP is one of seven cars built by Jo Marquart (Anglia Cars LTD) in England to be entered in the US Camel GT series in the early 1980’s. Businessman Charles Morgan ordered the car from Marquart and campaigned it in 1984 through April of 1985 as a GTP spec car, and then converted it to Camel Lights spec for the remainder of the 1985 season.  At 450 hp the JM16 3.4L Buick as configured for GTP was underpowered when compared to the Porsche 962, Jaguar 44, and March cars. 

After seeing Jim Downing’s success in Camel Lights with his Mazda powered Argo JM16, most of the remaining cars, including Morgan’s chassis 102, were converted to the Lights configuration. This Buick powered chassis 102 had the best in finishing percentage and position performance against all other Argo chassis except for the Downing Mazda-powered 097.  This 102 car won two Lights races in 1985. Click on the download link for all of the racing history and photos.

Morgan sold the 102 car at the end of the 1985 season and moved on to a TIGA and later a Spice, continuing in Lights.  Chassis 102 went to Jim Downing, presumably as a spare.  Years later in 2005 the car was purchased by a businessman in Oklahoma, who wanted an attention-getting GTP weekend track car. Over four years and many thousands spent on a new parts, he put it together with a “Stage II” 4.46L Buick V6 NA with Kinsler EFI making 440 hp to approximate the GTP/Lights setup, although the 4.46 engine was heavier. The car was then sold to an SCCA racer in Delaware.  It was run a few times in SCCA  ASR and then sat unused from 2011 to 2018 when I bought it.  It had been infrequently started and idled through the years but was completely intact, without visible damage, and came with a significant amount of spares. 

Spare parts include the original Lights spec 3.0L long block and a 3.0L short block.  Other major spares include: a second new Hewland DG300 transmission, the unique magnesium bell housing adapter, a Kinsler EFI intake for the 3.0L, multiple sets of custom suspension parts, uprights, flywheels, rotors, two big boxes of gearsets, spare nose, 3 spare windscreens, spare doors, door windows, door layup molds, two sets BBS wheels, old rain tires, and many other parts. See the spares/accessories photos and email me for more info. After my restoration, many more spare parts have been added.   

When first I looked at the car the seller said it was “ready to race”.  That statement turned out to be the largest lie ever told in 2018 or any other year.  Needless to say, the post-purchase inspection uncovered several problem areas, and the more I got into it the more I realized the car needed another significant restoration/upgrade.  And so it began. Details below:

10 lap Goodyear tires on car, and mounted new Hoosiers. 2 sets BBS 3 piece centerlock wheels.

New Ferodo brake pads, fluid flush.

Complete engine rebuild by Lozano Brothers, the company that built the original GTP/Lights Buick engines for Charles Morgan and this Argo chassis. New INDY heads from Ohio George Montgomery.

New 22 gallon Fuel Safe fuel cell bladder. (same supplier as original cell bladder). 

All new fuel lines and 25 and 10 micron inline fuel filters.

New Bosch 42# fuel injectors.

3 new fuel pumps - 2 Walbro low pressure in fuel cell and a Bosch main high pressure pump.

New custom ITG EFI air filter system for the Kinsler intake velocity stacks.

All new oil lines, filter. New driver side radiator.

New Accel DFI ECU fuel injection/engine mgt system with PRO KEY, MSD HVC Ignition box and coil.

New spark plugs, Taylor spark plug wires, MSD distributor cap, rotor, mag pickup, crank trigger

New Bosch O2 sensor and AEM control module, new ECT, MAP, and fuel pressure sensors.

Added headlights and covers, windshield wiper.

New battery. New rain light.

New Girling 70 clutch master cylinder.

Recharged SPA Technique fire bottle.

New Great Lakes Aero windshield.

New Great Lakes Aero door windows and pop out Snapvents.

New Schroth 6 point driver belts, RJS 4 point passenger belts.

Nose and rear body repaired and repainted.  New fender-mounted mirrors.

Rear body fiberglass repair and reinforcement and mounting points strengthened.

New rear brake cooling ducts.

Refit undertray and diffuser.

Added splitters to nose and added glassed-in louvres over tires to balance downforce.

Decals match the set from the 1985 Sun Bank Daytona 24 Hrs race, but I could not bring myself to go back to the Buick livery.

In 2020 after I had done most of the work and modifications, I took the car to a test and tune night at the Gingerman track here in Michigan. During the second run oil began leaking out of the engine from the galley plate and made a mess.  It was at that point I decided to rebuild the one thing I had hoped to avoid re-doing, the engine. I wanted the engine rebuild to be done right and found the Lozano Brothers in Texas. It so happened they knew Charles Morgan and had built the original Buick Camel Lights engines for this car in 1983/1984.  I contacted Ben Lozano and brought the engine to them. The engine was in their shop for over 3 years. The impact of Covid on supply chains combined with health issues at Lozano significantly delayed the rebuilding process.  The engine got back into the car this February and its ready to go. See it in Holland, MI.

Argo JM16-102 Specifications

Engine - Buick V6, 4.47 L NA  273.3 cu in rebuilt by Lozano Brothers Porting, New Braunfels, TX.  Repair intake manifolds, fabricate new oil valley plate, new lifter bushings, added proprietary LBP lifter oiling system, new Carrillo rods, CP pistons, Ferrea titanium valves, new INDY aluminum heads from Ohio George Montgomery stock, new water return manifold and lines, new oil lines, new fuel lines.

Heads - Aluminum “INDY” heads (new)

Bore & Stroke - 4.025, 3.590  (per LBP)

Compression ratio - 13.0:1 (per LBP) 

Shift, Redline - Shift 6600, redline 7000 rpm (suggested per LBP)

HP - 450 hp est

Transmission - 5 speed Hewland DG300, two large boxes of gearsets, gear change tools and fixtures, 7.25” Tilton Carbon clutch, Girling 70 clutch master cylinder using AP R2 fluid.

Engine management - ACCEL 77143 DFI ECU V5.1, MSD 6600 HVC ignition, MSD 8250 HVC coil. ACCEL CalMap software CD with PRO KEY, various tunes. Bosch UEGO 17025 O2 sensor, 30-0310 AEM controller.  (seller will instruct buyer on the operation of the CalMap tuning software/laptop)

Fuel system - Kinsler 10272 velocity stack intakes, Bosch 42#/hr fuel injectors, ITG JC50/100 reusable air filters, FuelSafe custom bladder 22.3 gal (84.4L) with two internal pumps (main, reserve), 1.2 gal reserve/header tank, low fuel warning light, 25 and 10 micron fuel filters.

Fuel - VP C-12 112 leaded or Sunoco Supreme 112 leaded.  Add fuel with included 5 gal quick fill jug or regular VP jugs.

Oil System - Dry sump with ARE cast aluminum pan, 11 quarts in engine and heat exchanger, 1.4 quarts in K&N HP-5001 Gold remote filter.  Use Driven XP3 10w30 syn or Mobil 0w50 racing oil. 

Coolant system - 2.8 gallons of distilled water plus 12 oz of Water Wetter, two radiators with electric fans, heat exchanger with oil system, 16 psi radiator cap.

Safety - SPA Technique fire suppression system valid 2022, Schroth 6 point driver harness, new Racequip 4 point passenger harness, steel roll cage 1.625" dia, .095" wall.

Brakes - AP R2 fluid, Tilton 70 F, 75R master cylinders (F&R circuits), AP Racing CP2545-101 two piston calipers all around with Ferodo FRP212R front and rear pads, steel 12.5” diameter rotors, brake bias adjustable from cockpit.

Wheels/Tires - three piece BBS aluminum centerlock front 11x16, rear 14 x 16. Goodyear Eagles on car F 23.5 x 10.5, R 25.5 x 14.  Also new set of Hoosiers on same type BBS, F 23.5 x 11.5, R 25.0 x 13. Wheel nut socket (3/4” drive) comes with car. Keepers for wheel nuts.

Air Jacks - Three jacks (2 front, 1 rear), jack fitting and nitrogen tank hose come with car. Car can also be raised with conventional jacks by removing front nose.

Body access - Front nose has two latch clamps on top behind wheels, and slides off forward.  Rear body has two latch clamps and a pin on each side forward of rear wheels. When released rear body pivots rearward and hinges up, held open by prop rod.

Aero - Undertray and rear diffuser, added splitters on nose to balance downforce from undertray/diffuser. (Undertray, diffuser currently not installed for inspection), louvres in each front fender to vent air entering wheel wells.

Dimensions - Wheelbase 100”, Length 187”, Width 78”, Height 39”, Front Track 59”, Rear Track 55”

Weight as purchased per SCCA logbook - 2260#  (with lighter spare nose, no lights or splitters, no undertray, no diffuser, 180# driver)

Current weight -    2341# with headlights, splitters, undertray, diffuser and 180# driver, 1/2 tank fuel.

For more information, more car photos, photos of spares and accessories, historical records, other documents, please email me at




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Item Location: Holland, Michigan
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  Bob Stander
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