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1963 Abarth 1000 GT Bialbero Factory Race Car - SOLD

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Restored to original condition by two time National Packard Grand Champion restorer Leroy Beach in 1993.


Competition History

1992: Set and still holds the World Land Speed Record for one litre Grand Touring cars at Bonneville, Utah.
Record: 121.872 MPH. And can do much better!


  • factory Abarth one litre twin cam
  • exactly 1000cc's
  • twin 2 barrel Webers
  • factory header
  • diaphragm type clutch
  • Tom Turner of Jacksonville Florida built engine less than 100 miles ago
Fuel System

  • original competition fuel tank sculptured around spare tire
  • ten gallon capacity, 100 octane required
Oil/Water System

  • original front water rad location
  • seven quart oil sump with external oil filter
Electrical System

  • original

  • original all aluminum
  • red, base coat , clear coat, concours

  • unibody, excellent throughout
  • original Koni, rebuilt
  • original independent leaf spring
  • original independent coil overs
  • original worm and roller
  • original Girling 4 wheel disc, rebuilt in 1992
  • original Campagnolo, 5 wheels plus 4 Bonneville wheels
  • 1,200 Lbs

  • original throughout

  • some factory Abarth
  • lots of FIAT spares